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David Harbour and Joe Keery

So sick of these slick, handsome reboots. This nostalgia…Hollywood is just fresh out of ideas. Watch the original. #Stopper #Hopeve #strangerthings2 #mytwodads (Photo: @dkharbour/Instagram)

'Stranger Things' stars David Harbour and Joe Keery: Separated at birth?

Recently, we asked the Stranger Things cast who they’d like to have more scenes with, and almost all of them said David Harbour, aka Sheriff Hopper. Not only is the actor a blast to hang out with (as his co-stars Paul Reiser and Matthew Modine can attest), but his Instagram game is also completely on point. Recently Harbour treated his 1 million followers to a series of photos revealing the surprising resemblance between his younger self and his Stranger Things co-stars — and folks, they were glorious. “My Instagram forthwith will be nothing but this,” joked Harbour in one caption. “Unfollow me pls.” Never!

Stranger Things is streaming now on Netflix.