Strangford voters say all politicians 'could do better'

Health is the main priority for members of the public in Northern Ireland's Strangford constituency, taking part in our groundbreaking 5000 Voices project.

The burgeoning pressure on the NHS and those who need it was a major focus, with increasing waiting lists and money spent on less vital causes.

Matt, 33, who works in finance, said "Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK need to get back on track. For the last few years, we've had political stalemate with politicians not working. It needs to get back on track for the people because we have a crumbling NHS system with resources which have not been used as they should be. We need competent leadership."

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Asked for his thoughts on Rishi Sunak's leadership, Matt said: "Useless, incompetent, terrible."

And of Labour leader Keir Starmer, Matt said: "More competent and a better choice."

Tom said he wanted 'complete fairness' for the entire community and for politicians to stop acting for themselves and to represent the people. And while he said he would vote, the choice is a tough one as he trusts none of them.

Tom added: "They look after themselves and not the people."

Asked about his thoughts on Rishi Sunak, he said: "I would not trust him with anything."

And of Keir Starmer, he said: "I don't trust him either. I don't trust either of them. They are so involved with who's going to run the party and who is going to be in power, that the people don't count. I don't know who I'll vote for because one's as bad as the other.

"They have no interest in the people and they're completely out of touch with the people, with what's going on in society today."

Margaret said she wanted community projects for the public to meet and enjoy projects.

Asked about Rishi Sunak, she said: "He's not bad but he could be better." And of Kier Starmer, she said: "I don't think he'd be any better."

Joe Clydesdale, 82, speaking from Newtownards, Co Down said more money needs to be spent on the NHS, targeted to reduce waiting lists and pay for extra staff to get the waiting lists down.

As for Rishi Sunak, Joe said: "I think he is in a very difficult position and he's doing his best to do what's right for the country."

And asked about Keir Starmer, Joe said: "I wouldn't rate him as highly."

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