Streaming Bundle With Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video Hits Canada

Canada’s Telus has reworked its Stream+ bundle to now package Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video in one offering for its mobile phone customers.

The trio of U.S.-based online platforms represents the most popular streaming services for Canadian TV viewers.

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The revamped premium streaming TV bundle will have two tiers, including Stream+ Basic with the ad-supported plans for Netflix and Disney+ packaged with Prime Video for CAN $20 per month (US $14.89) — or a 17 percent cost saving on buying the stand-alone services.

And the Stream+ Premium package will offer Netflix and Disney+ without ads, along with Prime Video for CAN $38 (US $28.20) per month. The launch of ad tiers on Netflix and Disney+ at a lower price point and Amazon’s Prime Video also announcing its Canadian subscribers will soon see commercials may be factoring in to Telus revamping its Stream+ premium bundle.

Telus is betting that, with over 60 percent of Canadians currently subscribing to Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video separately as stand-alone subscriptions, they will be able to cut their monthly streaming subscription costs by taking a single bundled offering.

“In an era of multiple streaming options, bundling your favorite streaming services into one subscription to save money each month is a no brainer,” Dwayne Benefield, senior vp mobility & home products and transformation at Telus, said in a statement.

To sweeten the deal, Telus is adding to the Stream+ bundle along with Prime Video a full membership to Amazon Prime, valued at CAN $9.99 (US $7.41) per month or CAN $99 (US $73.40) per year. Ads on Prime Video programming will roll out in early 2024 in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Canada. Users in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico and Australia will start seeing commercials later in the year.

An earlier Stream+ bundle for CAN $28 (US $20.75) per month offered Netflix Premium, Apple TV+ and discovery+ ad-lite. So Apple TV+ and discovery+ have been removed from the latest Stream+ package.

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