The Streets' Mike Skinner 'wins Glastonbury' but fans can't get over 'unsettling' set detail

Mike Skinner on stage at Glastonbury
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

The Streets' Mike Skinner had a belter of a performance at Glastonbury as fans praised it as the best performance of the festival - but couldn't get over one 'unsettling' detail in the set. The rapper, who was born in Barnet but raised in Birmingham, kicked the show off with a high-energy rendition of hit Turn The Page.

Mike was soon forgoing any crowd safety advice he might have been given by security and was quickly in the audience as he crowdsurfed over adoring fans. The Brummie legend quickly had the crowd eating out of the palm of their hand as they blasted through early hits from their hit album Original Pirate Material.

Fans called the set 'almost spiritual' and 'the best' of the festival, as they said the band had 'wiped the floor' with the other acts. But one detail distracted fans as Mike couldn't stop talking about the flags in the crowd.

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The singer kept instructing those in the crowd with flags to wave them in unison - and got a bit distracted with his mission. @mpinney wrote: "Mike Skinner desperately trying to control the crowds flags is a bit unsettling? Why is this SO important to him?"

@emhazard asked: "Why is Mike Skinner so obsessed with flags?! #Glastonbury2024." @elfbatross commented: "if they don't wave those b****** flags mike skinner's gonna have a full on meltdown."

@greenberg999 said: "#thestreets class but think Mike Skinner has some kind of flag fetish." @wbarenno wrote: "Mike Skinner stop going on about the bloody flags." And @janinesarah added: "Mike skinner is determined to get this synchronised flag waving right isn't he."

Others were full of praise for the band. @BigG800 said: "The Streets absolutely smashing it at Glasto. Almost spiritual as the suns going down! What a guy Mike Skinner is though."

"Mike Skinner turning up to Glastonbury looking like yir dad by the pool on holiday and absolutely smashing it without breaking sweat," @RyanWatt93 echoed. @googlyeyecat said: "The Streets are wiping the floor with everyone."

And @Milkman8971 added: "Mike Skinner and the Streets with the best performance of the weekend, as is every festival he performs."