Strictly 2023 live: Bobby Brazier's tribute dance to mum Jade Goody has judges in tears

The EastEnders star hoped viewers would feel "empowered by sadness" as he shared his grief through dance.

Strictly's Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell were in the dance off in Blackpool (BBC)
Strictly's Bobby Brazier and Dianne Buswell were in the dance off in Blackpool (BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing's Bobby Brazier had everyone in tears with his Couple’s Choice dance in tribute to his late mother Jade Goody.

The judges were all choked up and Shirley Ballas was in tears after watching his moving performance to his favourite song This Woman’s Work by Maxwell.

He said: "I'd love to spend a day with her, just to see where I get my smile from."

And he hoped viewers would feel "empowered by sadness" as he shared his grief through dance.

And Strictly fans will continue to be disappointed over the lack of 40s this series because Craig Revel Horwood still didn't get out his 10 paddle.

Even after Ellie Leach's incredibly steamy Argentine Tango, which he said was "clean as a whistle".

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  • Albertina Lloyd

    The latest scores

    Ellie and Vito are top of the leaderboard with 38 out of 40 - but STILL no 10 from Craig!

    Bobby and Dianne have 37

    Annabel and Johannes have 36

    Leyton and Nikita have 34

    Nigel and Katya have 33

    and Angela and Carlos are bottom with 31.

    The competition is really ramping up!

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Ellie and Vito's passionate Tango

    Ellie and Vito shared a long and lingering look after their Argentine Tango.

    Tess Daly said she was feeling very hot after watching.

    Anton said it lacked intensity - what dance was he watching?!

    Craig said it lacked intimacy. But clean as a whistle and he loved the lifts.

    Motsi was looking for intensity - it was about the couple trying to keep their distance.

    Shirley agreed that the Argentine Tango didn't need to be "about being in each other's face."

    Ellie said it had been hard to be serious. Vito told her to be "the entire jungle" and "eat me with your eyes!.

    Craig gave them a 9, as did Anton. Motsi and Shirley gave it a 10.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Jade Goody remembered

    Jade Goody died when Bobby was just 4-years-old. (Getty Images)

    Bobby Brazier was proud to have danced his Couple's Choice in memory of his late mother Jade Goody.

    Craig scored it 8, Motsi a 9, Shirley and Anton gave the dance 10s making Bobby top of the leaderboard.

    Bobby's dad Jeff Brazier looked so proud and also emotional.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Bobby Brazier's Couple's Choice

    Bobby says his Couple's Choice is very personal - it will tell the story of his late mother Jade Goody. He was just four-years-old when she died from cancer.

    Bobby said "I'd love to spend a day with her, just to see where I get my smile from.

    Bobby hopes viewers will be empowered by his sadness - and this dance is a tribute to her.

    Shirley Ballas was tearful after watching Bobby's performance. She said it was beautiful because he danced it from his heart.

    Anton was also choked up as he said Bobby spoke volumes without using words.

    Craig brought things back down to earth critiquing Bobby's hand movements but he admitted the story telling was "stunning".

    Motsi said the dance carried a beautiful message.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Cha cha Angela

    Angela Scanlon admits she used to be mortified doing any stand alone moves - and now she is loving them.

    She invited partner Carlos Gu out for cocktails with her girlfriends this week to chat Strictly.

    Angela Scanlon is now relishing the chance to show off her dance moves.

    Angela danced to Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive - but will she survive week 10?

    Motsi admitted it was a big song to match up to and Angela was "off the roof".

    Shirley loved her attitude, but she criticised her posture of body weight over her feet.

    Anton is feeling giddy he loved Angela's Cha Cha so much - he said she may have had a mistake on the first turn, but after that she nailed it.

    Craig was very critical - he thought it was a too tight and she lacked hip action. But he did say Angela had "lovely straight legs throughout". Well, she does have Irish dancing experience.

    Craig scored it just 7, as did Motsi. Shirley awarded them an 8 and Anton gave it a 9.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Annabel and Johannes do the Paso Doble

    The audience went wild for Annabel's Paso. She became emotional following the standing ovation.

    Tess Daly said she was "fierce".

    Annabel and Johannes dance the Paso.

    But Craig thought it lacked fire. He wanted her to be more into it.

    Motsi said "I think it's close enough, baby!" She said Annabel danced like a panther ready to pounce.

    She told Craig, "Less is more darling!"

    Shirley Ballas told Annabel she had seen some of the best footwork she has ever seen in a Paso Doble.

    Anton praised Annabel for improving so much since week one and gave her a standing ovation of his own.

    Annabel admitted she had such fun doing the running lift and throwing herself at Johannes.

    Craig scored them an 8, Motsi gave them a 9, Shirley gave them a 9 and Anton gave them a 10.

    It is Annabel's highest score of the series and she now tops the leaderboard.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Nigel Harman's Rhumba

    Phew! The Rhumba is always a steamy dance - but soap heartthrob Nigel Harman and Katya Jones gave an electric performance to Celine Dion.

    Anton Du Beke thinks it was "super duper"!

    But Craig Revel Horwood was unimpressed by the hip action. Although he did think Nigel's arms were "gorgeous".

    Motsi Mabuse also thinks his arms were "bea-oo-tiful!"

    Head judge Shirley Ballas congratulated professional dancer Katya Jones for choreographing such a good dance.

    Craig, Motsi and Shirley all scored Nigel's Rhumba 8, while Anton gave it a 9.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Proud partner

    Layton said he thought he had done his best and partner Nikita is very proud of his efforts.

    Craig and Shirley scored Layton an 8, while Motsi and Anton gave him a 9.

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Judge's verdict

    Head judge Shirley Ballas has been booed by the audience for calling the American Smooth not smooth enough...

    She has called Layton's footwork "a little lumpy".

    Anton Du Beke pleased the crowd by saying Layton's performance was not his best, but 'jolly good'.

    Craig Revel Horwood thinks Layton's bottom was sticking out but he loved the performance.

    Motsi Mabuse has said Layton's high kick was "exceptional".

  • Albertina Lloyd

    Layton and Nikita

    Layton Williams is feeling nervous about dancing the American smooth tonight.

    But what a tune to perform to - Bjork's Oh So Quiet.

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Strictly dances and routines

  • Angela and Carlos: Cha Cha to I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

  • Annabel and Johannes: Paso Doble to España Cañi by Trad.

  • Bobby and Dianne: Couple’s Choice to This Woman’s Work by Maxwell

  • Ellie and Vito: Argentine Tango to Bills, Bills Bills by Destiny’s Child

  • Layton and Nikita: American Smooth to It’s Oh So Quiet by Björk

  • Nigel and Katya: Rumba to It’s All Coming Back To Me Now by Celine Dion

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