Strictly Come Dancing: Ed Balls Gets Kicked In The Face On Tour And OUCH.

Former politician and current national treasure/dance sensation Ed Balls has had a teeny-tiny mishap on stage – and it looks like it hurt A LOT.

Currently appearing alongside the rest of the 2016 Strictly class on the Strictly Come Dancing tour, Ed was dancing with partner Katya Jones when the accident occurred.

Ed was dancing with Katya, who had been lifted upside down in the middle of a routine, when she, unfortunately, kicked a little bit too hard – and whacked him in the face with her foot.


Ever a man of grace and deportment, Ed managed to style the whole thing out and thankfully nobody noticed.

Pah, who are we kidding. WE ALL NOTICED, ED. Donald Trump’s probably tweeting about it as we speak.

The footage – of national importance, let’s be honest – was captured by the wife of Twitter user Kevin Osbourne, who thankfully uploaded the footage earlier this week.

Copyright: [Splash]

By all accounts, Ed seems to be enjoying the tour so far – despite any dancing mishaps. Taking to Twitter last week, he praised the team and hinted that his dancing was improving: ‘Just finished the first @SCD_Live_Tour show in Birmingham - great crew, wonderful audience! And 'that lift’ worked!’

You sure about that, Ed?