Strictly Come Dancing: Peter Andre Doesn’t ‘Wear Pants’ On The Dancefloor

You might want to sit down for this one: Peter Andre doesn’t “wear pants” underneath his Strictly Come Dancing outfits.

The Mysterious Girl hitmaker has revealed that because of the way that his costumes are made for the dance contest he’s unable to wear any underwear, so he’s been going commando on the dance floor!

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He explained: “I don’t wear pants when I’m dancing. The shirts are held in place with poppers, a bit like a leotard. If you wear boxer shorts with them, it’s uncomfortable - so I take them off.” Fair enough!

The 42-year old star has so far avoided suffering any wardrobe malfunctions live on air but has confessed he’s not been so lucky backstage.

Peter told Woman and Home magazine: “It’s certainly caused a few embarrassing moments in the dressing room.” …We can only imagine!

It seems like whatever Pete is lacking in the under-garment department, he has made up for in the fake tan booth. In fact, many have dubbed him as the ‘vainest’ celebrity on the BBC show.

However, his attitude is: “If everyone else is doing it, then why not?“ Well, if it’s good enough for Daniel O’Donnell then it’s good enough for Peter!

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Meanwhile, EastEnders actress Kellie Bright has also been struggling with her elaborate outfits.

She laughed: "Learning to go to the toilet once I’d been sew into my sequins!

"There’s a whole technique you have to master - it’s hilarious."

And while Anita Rani was initially nervous about wearing skimpy dresses on the show she’s now admitted that she’s getting used to "exposing” herself and will ‘probably be in a bikini by week 7.’

We might already be in week 5 but it seems that the celebs have plenty of tricks up their sequinned sleeves yet!