'Strictly Come Dancing': Why was there no dance off tonight?

Tony Adams and Tyler West did not go through with the Strictly Come Dancing dance off. (BBC)
Tony Adams and Tyler West did not go through with the Strictly Come Dancing dance off. (BBC)

Strictly Come Dancing's couples were spared a ballroom battle to make it to Blackpool this week as one contestant crashed out with an injury.

Tony Adams and his dance partner Katya Jones had to bow out of the competition after their Saturday night performance as the former footballer was injured during it.

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Viewers had expected to see Adams and Jones compete in the dance off against Tyler West and Dianne Buswell, who had also been announced as being in the bottom two after the public vote, but the dance off did not end up taking place as Adams chose to withdraw.

Tony Adams said he had been injured during his Saturday night Jive. (BBC)
Tony Adams said he had been injured during his Saturday night Jive. (BBC)

Host Tess Daly explained: “Due to an injury sustained on Saturday night, Tony is unable to take part in the dance off and has decided to withdraw from the competition. This means there will be no dance off tonight and Tyler and Dianne are through to Blackpool.”

Adams and Jones had placed last on the week's leaderboard by some way, and the remaining eight couples will go on to dance at Blackpool's Tower Ballroom, the first time Strictly has been able to make the trip there since before the coronavirus pandemic.

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Head judge Shirley Ballas said: “Tony, from the very first moment you stepped foot on the floor with your Tango, to the last moment and the last kick, you have given us 100% of your heart. You have grown week after week after week, you have become one of the nation’s favourite entertainers.

"On behalf of the judges, we’ve enjoyed watching every second, you are truly what this show is all about, and we can only wish you the very best as you move forward. Please carry on dancing, carry on entertaining people, because you are a star. Well done.”

Adams said: “It’s been emotional guys, I cried for the first month. I came in here with one message, if you’ve got an issue with mental health, with addiction, then please don’t suffer in silence and reach out for help. Little did I know that I was going to learn a lot about myself in the process.

Tony Adams and Katya Jones' Jive. (BBC)
Tony Adams and Katya Jones' Jive. (BBC)

"I thought this ‘journey’ rubbish was nonsense, but my god the rollercoaster of emotion. I’ve got to be honest, it’s tough, physically it’s really tough out there, but dancing is really fantastic for you. Go out there and enjoy it and pick up new skills and explore.

"I suppose I had better mention this one [Katya] hadn’t I, she is an exceptional human being, she really is.”

The pair had been rumoured to have fallen out last week when they were caught on camera having a heated discussion during the end credits and later explained that Jones expected high standards, while Adams wanted to be able to enjoy himself.

Tony Adams bids farewell to the ballroom. (BBC)
Tony Adams bids farewell to the ballroom. (BBC)

In Sunday's episode, Jones said: “Tony Adams, I will be forever grateful that I was partnered up with you, do you know what I loved? I loved us, I loved that we didn’t care what people thought, we did every single dance our way."

Jones also joked that Adams had "interrupted me while I'm talking again" during her speech.

She continued: "You have come here with a message, you led by example, and put yourself out there, and showed everyone you can do anything. And everyone deserves love and to be loved. I love you.”

One viewer tweeted: "Tony's pulled a sickie..."

Someone else wrote: "Not sure if Katya is sad, relieved or p*ssed off with Tony."

Another person commented: "Tony is a true gent for withdrawing. Okay I thought it was ridiculous that he got through all these weeks, but the fact he withdrew shows how much of a heart he has. Hope he recovers soon."

One fan wrote: "Ah bless Tony. You cannot say he didn’t give it his best go. Truly in the spirit of the show to just have a try and enjoy yourself whilst doing so!"

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