Strictly Come Dancing's Anneka Rice: I just want to wear trousers on the dancefloor

Anneka Rice and Karim Zeroual attending the Strictly Come Dancing Launch at the TV Centre, London
Anneka Rice and Karim Zeroual attending the Strictly Come Dancing launch (Credit: PA)

Anneka Rice has revealed she has pleaded with Strictly Come Dancing bosses to let her wear trousers as she is uncomfortable in the short skirts provided.

The 60-year-old star, who rose to fame in the 80s running around in jumpsuits while presenting shows such as Challenge Anneka, admitted she does not like the skimpy costumes worn on Strictly.

Rice told Radio Times: “The first time I turned up for a fitting, I asked to wear trousers, but this tiny dress appeared. And it seems to have gotten shorter and shorter.

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“When I met the other contestants, Michelle Visage oozed New York glamour and I oozed Deep Heat and massive insecurity.

“It feels utterly weird and I’m definitely not ‘Strictlyfied’ yet. I have said I would like every week to be in some kind of trouser, but no one listened to me for the first week so who knows?”

Rice is partnered with Kevin Clifton, who won the BBC dance contest last year with girlfriend Stacey Dooley.

Anneka Rice prepares for the London Night Hike charity ramble through the city. Tis he hike is organised by Maggies Cancer Caring Centres, in conjunction with the Open House architecture weekend.
Anneka Rice feels more comfortable in trousers (Credit: PA Images)

But Rice has already had to pull out of the first group dance for the launch show due to a shoulder injury that was triggered in rehearsals.

Rice said:“I injured my shoulder after falling on a slippery slope in my neighbours garden and ended up in A&E.

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“I had a cortisone injection and was called in to see the producers and was told it was 50/50 whether I could still do Strictly. Thankfully, it ended up fine. The show must go on.”

The TV presenter previously revealed she was kicked out of her ballet class as a child for being uncoordinated.

She said: “I haven’t danced since I was seven and Miss Beer sent me home from my ballet class because I was hopelessly uncoordinated.”

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