'Strictly' dancer Dianne Buswell shocked as Joe Sugg gives her a haircut on TV

Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell (BBC)
Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell (BBC)

Strictly star Dianne Buswell looked horrified after her boyfriend Joe Sugg have her a lockdown haircut on TV.

The pair made an appearance on fundraiser The Big Night In, in which a host of stars came together to help raise money for the fight against the coronavirus.

One segment of the BBC broadcast saw people volunteering to have their hair cut by family members, in the absence of real hairdressers.

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Sugg and Buswell said they were game to give it a try, and the pair then went off screen so that YouTuber Sugg could get snipping.

When they re-appeared, they unwound a towel from Buswell’s head to reveal that Sugg had attempted to streak her hair in rainbow colours and had left it looking rather uneven.

Host Davina McCall gasped as she saw Buswell’s lopsided new do, unable to hide her horror.

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And the dancer’s jaw dropped when she saw her new raggedy locks.

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Many viewers were equally unimpressed with Sugg’s creation.

“Please tell me you fixed your hair afterwards???” one wrote on Twitter. “I mean good try Joe but sorry, I’m not sure hairdressing is your thing...”

“I was not expecting dianne’s hair to turn out like that, i have no words,” said another.

However, others were not certain that Sugg chopped off his girlfriend’s real hair, with many suggesting he only cut her extensions.

The pair have been dating since they were finalists together on the 2018 series of Strictly Come Dancing.