Strictly’s Katya Jones reveals why she gave up buying new clothes

Strictly Come Dancing star Katya Jones has revealed how taking a pledge to stop buying new clothes “totally changed my mindset”.

The professional dancer, 34, will soon be seen as a guest judge on CBBC show Style It Out, in which young people create outfits from pre-loved and rescued clothes and materials.

Jones told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: “I took the pledge back in 2019, but I went for much longer than that, and actually the time became irrelevant, because it totally changed my mindset on shopping and sustainability.

“So I’m a big, big advocate for sustainable fashion now.”

She added: “Seeing kids between ages 10 and 14 not just championing sustainability but actually creating it on the show, using only pre-loved, second-hand, vintage clothing, and even scraps from Strictly Come Dancing [is amazing].

“Every episode is themed and I was a guest judge on a dance-themed episode, which will be aired on Thursday, and it’s great to bridge that gap between dancing and Strictly and sequins and all the love that the kids have put into sustainability, it’s important.”

Jones revealed she was wearing an outfit of second-hand clothes, including a headband she had made from pairs of tights.

She said: “I’m going on the Strictly tour right now and as we tour around the country, quite a few of us love to go to vintage stores, there’s so much available and it’s a lot more unique and personal.”

Style It Out, which airs on CBBC, is hosted by Emma Willis and sees young designers compete to win a show at London Fashion Week.