The striking new 32ft mural unveiled in the heart of Coventry

A striking new 32ft mural has been unveiled in the heart of Coventry. It can be found in FarGo Village and is the brainchild of artist Ben Barter and muralist Katie O’Sullivan.

Pupils from Earlsdon Primary and West Coventry Academy added their own splash of colour to the mural. It has been entitled ‘Our Imagined Future’ as it aims to showcase what children imagine a greener future looks like in their city.

It has been inspired by research carried out by E.ON, which has championed the creation of the huge piece of art alongside Coventry City Council.

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Ben Tuck, Social Value Programme Manager at E.ON, said: “Through this mural, we hope to further raise awareness of the importance of sustainability in cities like Coventry, and indeed across the country, as well as the changes we can all make to help build a greener future. ‘Our Imagined Future’ is a great way to visualise children’s inspiring and creative solutions to make our cities greener, more sustainable and better places to live.

“As part of our commitment to working with Coventry City Council to deliver long-term benefit to the local community, we are keen to build awareness and excitement amongst local residents around our shared goal of building a cleaner, greener Coventry."

The mural design incorporates key findings from the new research, as well as sustainable solutions such as heat pumps, solar panels and EV chargers. Coventry artist, Ben Barter spoke of his pride in taking part in the project in his home city.

"It has been inspiring to see how children interpret what a more sustainable future could consist of within this city," he said. "My personal favourite is the robots picking up litter and the animals living alongside us in an ecologically diverse environment. As a Coventry local myself, I am excited to see this all come to life as well as witness the artistic talents of the next generation."

Muralist Katie O’Sullivan, known as Katie O and who has been behind street art across the city and further afield, added: "Coventry is a beautiful city that I have been fortunate enough to help paint, and decorate. It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of this campaign, bringing life and colour to children’s hopes for the sustainable future.

"Mural artwork is a great platform to shed light on important topics and this particular piece will hopefully encourage visitors and the community to work towards an eco-friendly future.”

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