Stuart Hogg reveals he's been in rehab as he releases powerful statement

Hogg has revealed he has spent time in rehab
Hogg has revealed he has spent time in rehab -Credit:2023 CameraSport

Former Scotland captain Stuart Hogg has revealed he has spent time in a rehabilitation centre after going through "the darkest of times".

The 31-year-old, who retired from rugby last summer, has made headlines for events in his private life in the months that have followed him hanging up his boots. In November, he went public with his new girlfriend, jockey Leonna Mayor, just days after his wife gave birth to the couple's fourth child, reportedly leaving her "distraught".

In the wake of his marriage break-up, Hogg was the subject of a stream of online abuse and press speculation, which he said "crossed the line" in an angry online statement. However, in February, he was back in the news after being arrested and charged at his estranged wife's house, over allegations he caused fear and alarm by acting in a threatening or abusive manner.

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Scotland's all-time record points scorer has been absent from his punditry duties for TNT Sports for several weeks in the wake of the incident, with the broadcaster refusing to comment when asked about his future earlier this week. However, Hogg has now broken his silence and revealed he has taken "time away from the spotlight" in a rehabilitation centre.

In an emotional statement, the former full-back said he was "lost and needed help" before undergoing rehabilitation but after taking accountability for his actions and talking about how he feels, can now "see the world differently" and is "excited" about his future.

"It's been tough," the statement read. "I was lost, needed help, direction, time away from the spotlight to be able to take a deep breath and think. I've been so concerned about what people thought of me, how I was coming across, the impact I would have on them and how I would survive the day. I lived every moment in my head and it wasn't healthy.

"Spending time at a rehabilitation centre allowed me to reset, learn about myself and talk about how I felt, without being judged. It's not been easy but it was the right thing to do. Taking accountability was the first step in the right direction. I accept I have made mistakes and understand why I acted as I did."

It continued: "Personal, private issues being played out in the public eye and online abuse are things that have impacted me significantly. I've not been able to deal with it. Online abuse is NOT OK.

"Having some time away has allowed me to see the world differently, be grateful for the things I have and most importantly, be excited about what is in front of me in the short, medium and long term.

"THANK YOU to everyone who has been in touch and offered support, friendship and love. You have helped me through the darkest of times and I will look forward to embracing what is next with you all. Hoggy."