Students may apply for $5K work-based learning scholarships

May 14—Indiana House Republicans from the Wabash Valley are encouraging high school students who want to pursue work-based learning and credentials to apply for a Career Scholarship Account.

Hoosier students in 10th, 11th and 12th grades at a state-accredited public or private school can receive up to a $5,000 state-funded scholarship to pursue apprenticeships, applied learning experiences, work-based learning and credentials attainment.

About 2,000 spots are available for the 2024-2025 school year and students can apply for a Career Scholarship Account until the Oct. 1 deadline.

Approved students will receive $5,000 over four disbursements and can use the money toward certain qualified expenses, including:

* Class expenses for student's apprenticeships/internship program;

* Postsecondary education and/or training;

* Equipment for student's apprenticeship/internship program;

* Certification and credentialing examinations;

* Career coaching and navigation services;

* Driver's license; and transportation.

To learn more about Career Scholarship Accounts and enroll before the Oct. 1 deadline, visit, email or call 317-232-0723.

Local employers, trade associations, labor unions and others interested in connecting with the next generation of talent can apply to host a CSA program or be a provider. Visit and click on "provider resources" for more information.

House Republicans including Bob Heaton of Terre Haute, Alan Morrison of Brazil and Bruce Borders of Jasonville announced the scholarship availability in a news release Tuesday.