Students stage pro-Palestinian protest against Gaza war at Newcastle University

Pro-Palestinian protests against the Gaza war have taken place at Newcastle University's campus.

The Apartheid Off Campus Newcastle campaign saw students set up camp earlier this week using tents on the grounds of the university.

It comes as a wave of protests take place at universities across the UK, and follows protests in the US that happened earlier this week against the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict . The event saw tents put out and flags being waved by students outside Northern Stage.

Lewi, the spokesperson for Apartheid Off Campus Newcastle, said: "We're here to demand that Newcastle University disclose any links, implicit or explicit, to any Israeli arms companies, specifically Leonardo SPA, who have been welcomed to the university on our new campus.

"We demand that all ties with Leonardo are stopped and cut, as well as connections to all other Israeli-owned companies. The second demand is that Newcastle University form partnerships with Gazan universities and pledge money to rebuild them.

Lewi, the spokesperson for Apartheid Off Campus Newcastle.
Lewi, the spokesperson for Apartheid Off Campus Newcastle. -Credit:Chronicle Live

"We are very blessed to have Israeli and Jewish students and lecturers being a part of this encampment and helping us to lead this forward."

A Newcastle University spokesperson said: "We respect the right to peaceful protests and freedom of speech and are engaging with protestors. Our community is a space where colleagues and students can analyse and challenge difficult issues, while also accepting differences in views and opinion.

"Our priority is always to ensure that our campus remains safe for everyone and protests should be within the law - we do not tolerate the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour that causes, or is likely to cause, distress.

“We are committed to our core values, which include Social and Environmental Justice; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; and we have been deeply affected by the ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine. Working with industry partners is critical in helping us to leverage our world-class research, to advance science and to support the UK’s development through high-value employment and skills.

"Any proposals for defence and security collaborations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The University does not invest in companies making armaments."