Studio apartment on sale for just £5,000 - but buyer has to dig it out themselves 'like a mole'

A 'studio apartment' in London could be yours for just £5,000 - but you'll have to burrow under a terraced house 'like a mole' to dig it out yourself.

The bizarre Rightmove listing giving a new meaning to the phrase 'London underground' as the cream-painted two-story home's description claims the buyer would need to 'excavate' the basement to create a 'self-contained flat'.

It even reveals the plans are 'subject to relevant consents', suggesting it is possible someone could buy the leasehold plot and find the council or residents have issues with the unorthodox idea.

Stunned Twitter/X users have called it the 'funniest listing they've ever seen' and joked it would be perfect for 'the borrowers' or anyone wanting to start a 'mole family'.

Auction House London, who are managing the sale of the 'development opportunity', say the 'property' will go under the hammer on May 21 and the person selling the basement has recently acquired the land.

It's not clear if the people living in the south east London home above are the people selling the basement or if they're tenants.

A London Auction House agent said: "The current owner acquired the land and is now looking to sell the basement at auction.

"It would suit someone looking to develop it and then sell on or potentially rent it out. I'm not sure who occupies the internal spaces above as we're only selling the basement."

A househunter tweeted: "Jesus! Excavate your own flat."

One commented: "Subject to obtaining all relevant consents - I am assuming when it comes to get planning permission the first objection will be from the current owners living in the flat."

Another said: "This might be the funniest property listing I have ever seen in my life."

A third joked: "Perfect for first time burrowers and couples about to start a mole family."