Stunned Snorkeler Watches as Dolphin Pod Hunts Down Octopus on Australian Seabed

A videographer who was recently snorkeling off Jurien Bay in Western Australia, could not quite believe it when he witnessed a pod of dolphins hunting down an octopus.

Dylan deHaas told Storyful he could hear the dolphins’ echolocation in the distance and decided to swim toward the noise. He then found a pod hunting for prey in the seabed.

“They must have been hungry, because our presence didn’t bother them one bit,” he said. “However we were respectful and just floated at a safe distance from them as to not disturb them.”

DeHaas described one of the dolphins as suddenly locking onto the target and pulling out “this MASSIVE orange octopus, which proceeded to ink to try and escape,” he said.

In the video, the dolphin can be seen holding onto the cephalopod and shaking the ink away. It then swims off with the octopus in its mouth.

Based in Western Australia, deHaas regularly documents local animals for his Instagram account. He said that this event turned a “nice morning snorkel” into his “top ocean moment to date.” Credit: Dylan deHaas via Storyful

Video transcript