From stunning sunsets to shocking lightning - shortlist for best weather picture of the year revealed

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From fog filled skies over a Slovenian highway to a snapshot of Storm Eunice in the UK, the shortlist for this year's Weather Photographer of the Year has been announced.

The competition, which is run by the Royal Meteorological Society, features a selection of stunning photographs from around the world - in a year when several countries experienced extreme bouts of weather from record high temperatures to flooding.

A total of 22 pictures feature on the shortlist, including five from the UK.

Other images were snapped in China, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia, Poland, India, Ethiopia, Canada, Antarctica, Slovakia and Myanmar.

Here are the full list of shortlisted pictures:

For most of the year, Myanmar has been in the midst of a military coup, but Aung Chan Thar captured this image on an overcast and rainy day in Kyaikto.

This picture was taken by Tamas Kusza in Slovakia.

In early February 2022, southern Ontario was hit by the worst snowfall in decades.

Zhenhuan Zhou captured this photo of a horse farm.

Christopher Ison discovered that the Storm Eunice would hit Newhaven, East Sussex, at almost exactly high tide.

An overnight stop in Tarbet, Loch Lomond in Scotland, and an early morning trek with dogs Oscar and Ollie up Cruach Tairbert revealed this beautiful misty scene to Vince Campbell.

Carlos Castillejo Balsera arrived in the dark, early morning to watch a big storm form over Barcelona.

Jamie Russell captured this picture over Bembridge Lifeboat Station in the Isle of Wight.

During the monsoon season in the wetlands of West Bengal, Shibasish Saha captured this image of people collecting water lilies to sell in the local market.

Zhenhuan Zhou captured this photo showing parts of Niagara Falls covered in ice.

On the cliff of Tavertet in Barcelona, Spain, Emili Vilamala Benito waited until a Brocken Spectre appeared.

During a calm evening in Tankerton, Kent, Brendan Conway captured this image of people walking along the famous shingle Street.

In Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden, Felipe Martin Menzella captured a icy pattern appearing just before dawn on a frosty window.

Luo Xing snapped a picture of lightening strikes over Chongqing, China during the early hours of the night.

In late June 2022, Laura Hedien was in Kansas and captured this photo of a supercell with golden wheat fields in the foreground.

On a beautiful mountain in Taiwan, Rossi Fang captured this photo of the sun melting the frozen mountain world of the night before.

Two or three times each year, Crni Kal, a small town in Slovenia, experiences a temperature inversion which places fog under the highway bridge. Sara Jzazbar captured this image after waiting a few hours.

Many would be forgiven to have forgotten the period of heavy rain and win in the UK at the start of the year, but Andrew McCaraen captured this image in February in Shap, Cumbria.

Periods of extreme heat in India can cause rivers and ponds to completely dry up, leaving humans and animals struggling to find water.

Barun Rajgaria pictured this moment in Purulia.

Krzysztof Tollas captured a frosty and picturesque sunrise over the Gwda River in Poland.

Another picture of lightening, this time over Barcelona, Spain.

Enric Navarrete Bachs snapped this image on a full moon night at Sant Pol de Mar.

Whilst out Nordic skiing from the Rothera research station in Antarctica, Thomas Chitson captured this beautiful sun halo.

Harsh rain in Addis Ababa flooded the streets, but Betel Tibeubu said that "in that misfortune comes the opportunity for photography".

The public vote is open until 21 September, after a panel of independent judges selected the final 22.