The stylish Ribble Valley pub where you can have a three-course meal including steak for £20

The rump steak served with onion rings, a roasted tomato, thick-cut chips and peppercorn sauce
-Credit: (Image: LancsLive)

On the edges of the Ribble Valley where Mellor meets Samlesbury sits the Bluebird Inn.

Named after Donald Campbell's iconic record-breaking boat, with several nods to the world record holder dotted throughout the pub, the Bluebird is handily located just a couple of miles from the M6 and has a huge beer garden which will soon no doubt be packed with people.

The Bluebird is stylishly decorated inside with old-fashioned framed pictures dotted on the walls. You know that you've turned into a grown-up when your first thought upon entering a toilet cubicle is "those tiles are lovely".


The ladies toilets at the Bluebird Inn
The ladies toilets at the Bluebird Inn -Credit:LancsLive

But while the pub might have the décor and style of the Ribble Valley the food comes without the Ribble Valley's prices through the Bluebird's 'Supper Club'. Available from Monday to Thursday after 3.30pm the menu offers two courses for £16.45 or three for £19.95.

Starters include crispy duck and egg noodle salad, soup of the day (veg when we visited) and crispy onion bhaji while mains range from sweet potato & beetroot tortellini to panko crumbed seabass fillet.

I chose the mackerel smoked mackerel pâté served with caper & green leaf salad and toast followed by the battened 6oz rump steak served with a baked plum tomato, onion rings, thick cut chips and peppercorn & brandy sauce.

The smoked mackerel pâté
The smoked mackerel pâté -Credit:LancsLive

Despite the steak standing out on the menu it was the pâté which stole the show for me. Although the pot seemed to be 'more butter than pâté' it was so delicious and perfect on the thick chunks of toasted bread with a drizzle of lemon juice.

The capers added a tangy crunch to the salad and I used the last bite-sized piece of bread to clean the glass ramekin. I could easily have eaten two helpings.

The rump steak was thinner than I was expecting but still, based on splitting the cost 70/30 at about £10.50 it was remarkably good value. The steak had been placed on top of the chips - the portion of which was so big I didn't manage to finish them.

I wasn't that impressed with the onion rings which were slightly doughy and nowhere near crispy enough, but the peppercorn and brandy sauce was sufficiently thick and chunky and you got a proper-sized jug of it instead of a tiny ramekin.

For £20 the Bluebird offers great value for money and you certainly can't complain about the surroundings. Sadly it was spitting a bit when we visited but I can't imagine a better place to sit out in the sun and enjoy a reasonably-priced decent meal than this.