Subtle clues that Taylor Swift Eras Tour Wembley concert will be the best one yet

Swiftie Steps are unveiled
-Credit: (Image: PA Wire/PA Images)

Taylor Swift Eras Tour is officially coming to London today with a buzz in the city as thousands are heading to Wembley Stadium. Having already performed internationally, Taylor has brought her highly-praised tour to the UK - having already performed in Edinburgh, Liverpool and Cardiff - and now its London's turn.

Subtle clues from fans and sightings of Taylor's cargo coming off the plane make the string of concerts at Wembley this weekend set to be the best yet. Whether it's going to be the surprise song, a romantic engagement during Love Story or the impeccable vibe that London audiences have - Taylor herself is in for a treat as are her fans who have flocked to London.

The sun is shining and is set to stay that way for the whole day which will no doubt boost spirits and keep Taylor and her fans dry under the open-air roof at the Stadium. MyLondon has compiled a list of all the subtle clues that point to tonight's Wembley concert being the best of the Eras Tour so far.

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Taylor Swift performs on stage during her Eras Tour at the Murrayfield Stadium
Taylor Swift will grace the stage of Wembley Stadium tonight and over this weekend -Credit:PA Wire/PA Images

Thousands expected to arrive

Firstly, the sheer size of Wembley Stadium and the sold-out seating means that the venue will be full to the rafters with superfans in their finest pink and sparkly outfits. The scale of the concert means that there's no doubt that you'll make some new friends with matching cowboy hats and a shared love for Taylor Swift.

The size of Wembley means that as a venue is well-catered for - there's no shortage of food and drink and the seats have ample leg space. Another benefit to Wembley is the open air roof meaning that while it will be warm today there's no chance of the stadium being stuffy as the breeze wraps itself around the seating and keeps fans cool.

Another perk of Wembley is that their ample space for Taylor's production to set up means that there's enough room for a huge stage and screen and Taylor can make the most of the space she has. Huge screens also mean that fans can see close-up shots of Taylor and her dancers from anywhere in the stadium.

It has been built and designed for football matches, meaning that every seat has a vantage point and great view of every inch of the pitch which will now be full with standing ticket holders a, of course, Taylor's huge production.

Mystery boxes taken off Taylor's plane at Stansted

Photos have shown Taylor Swift arriving at Stansted Airport ahead of her first Eras Tour show in the city at Wembley Stadium on Friday (June 21). Staff can be seen unloading a number of boxes from a private plane into awaiting chauffeured cars including a couple of mysterious cardboard boxes.

The billionaire pop superstar seemed to have been wearing dark clothing, including trainers, leggings and a coat as she stepped on to Essex soil on Wednesday (June 19). Swift will be performing for tens of thousands in North West London later this week.

Who knows what lies inside the boxes, but let's hope they're a surprise for the London audiences, a stunning new outfit or something completely unexpected.

The sun will be shining all day

Unlike the cold temperatures which left fans uncomfortable in Edinburgh, today is set to be a glorious day with sunshine and temperatures forecasted to remain in the 20C for much of the day.

The weather this weekend will be of paramount importance to Swifties and they should count themselves lucky that it will be a much warmer affair for them than the Swifties - and Taylor herself - in Edinburgh.

Freezing Scottish winds hit Edinburgh over three consecutive nights with Taylor bracing against the cold. Fans were also reporting that the singer was visible shaking because of the cold Edinburgh nights.

However, in London on Friday the Met Office is forecasting that there will be highs of 23 degrees in the day with sunny intervals.

Varied options for merchandise

From jumpers to t-shirts, posters to tote bags - some fans left this morning with a haul of items that cost a pretty penny. Taylor's tour takes her to Wembley Stadium this weekend with many fans waiting in anticipation to see her live while others have already traveled up to Edinburgh and Liverpool for their chance to see her perform live.

In total, there are 13 items on sale include a £15 water bottle and £30 friendship bracelet. The prices range up to £70 for a hoodie with the clothing mostly being in black or white colours with prints on them.

You can read the full story and see what merchandise is available and how much it costs here.

London is the best place for international music stars

London is better than New York, Manchester and other major cities for music, a new study has found. London’s status as a world-leader for music will be confirmed when Taylor Swift brings her record-breaking The Eras Tour to Wembley Stadium tonight – with tourists attending her eight performances boosting the capital’s economy by £300m.

The global music superstar is performing more times in London that any other city across the globe – boosting our hospitality industry, the wider economy and showing why London’s music scene is the best in the world.

It comes as brand-new polling from Visit London reveals that the capital leads the way across the globe as a home for music, with 54 per cent of people saying they’d consider travelling to London for a music event in the past year – higher than New York, LA, Paris and other UK cities. Read the full story here.

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