Succession fans bowled over by ‘harrowing’ Tom and Shiv showdown: ‘I may never recover’

Succession fans bowled over by ‘harrowing’ Tom and Shiv showdown: ‘I may never recover’

Succession fans have said they “may never recover” from the latest episode’s dramatic showdown between Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Tom (Matthew Macfadyen).

The seventh episode of the final season was released on Monday (8 May), and ended with the recently reunited couple having an almighty row on the balcony.

Warning: this article contains spoilers

During the fight, Tom tells Shiv she has a “f***ing thin” sense of self and wouldn’t be a good mother – not knowing she is in fact pregnant. Shiv, meanwhile, calls Tom “striving and parochial” and accuses him of stealing the last six months she could have had with her father before his death.

It was a steep decline from where the episode started out, with the pair sexting each other about the “orgasm Olympics” they had competed in with each other the night before.

Viewers of the show were bowled over by the fight scene. “Listen – I never thought of Tom Wambsgans as a cannibal, but he ate Shiv UP in this scene,” one tweeted. “Saying she never wanted to have his baby and that she wouldn’t be a good mother whole time she got SOMEBODY’S bun in the oven. I mean, wow.”

“Shiv and Tom ‘clearing the air’ scene,” posted another. “That was probably the most harrowing and emotionally draining scene I’ve watched in years. Give Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen their Emmys already.”

A third shared: “This fight between Shiv and Tom??? And those insults??? Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen are ACTORS. Wow.”

“Shiv and Tom cutting each other as deep as they can,” posted a fourth. “The stuff they been holding in since the beginning of their marriage. Like damn! Sarah Snook and Matthew Macfadyen get ready for those Emmys cause they better be yours!”

Another tweeted: “The most sickening thing about the Tom/Shiv fight is how Shiv only called him out for being a social climber (which he is) but in retaliation he hit her where it hurts the most by calling her broken, incapable of love and too damaged to have children with.”

A sixth wrote: “No Tom don’t say that about Shiv! No Tom she’s pregnant with your baby! She does love you! NO TOM NOOO.”

A seventh posted: “Every Tom and Shiv scene is more strange and intense than the last and yet I’m always watching with such delight.”

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