Succession’s J Smith Cameron tweets cryptic Gerri and Roman photo

Succession’s J Smith Cameron tweets cryptic Gerri and Roman photo

J Smith Cameron has clarified the meaning behind a recent photo she shared after several Succession fans were worried it was a foreshadowing of bad news.

An hour after the latest episode of HBO’s hit drama released on Sunday (7 May), Cameron, who plays Gerri, tweeted a behind-the-scenes picture showing her and Roman’s (Kieran Culkin) empty set chairs.

Several worried fans responded in confusion, with one writing: “IM AFRAID TO ASK WHAT DOES THIS MEAN.”

“Please tell me that’s from filming an episode we haven’t seen yet,” a second pleaded, with a third adding: “Please tell us Gerri’s not gone for good.”

A fourth joked: “You just accidentally set off fandom chaos with one photo.”

“Is this your cute J way to tell us it’s over?” another asked.

In a subsequent tweet, Cameron assured: “Ok all that this photo really means is we were not in our chairs, meaning we were both on set when this photo got snapped I just thought it was kind of a sweet photo.”

Warning: Spoilers ahead for episodes six and seven of Succession’s fourth season.

During the fourth season’s sixth episode, Roman went on an angry rampage, firing anybody who questioned his authority.

When his “mommy girlfriend”, Gerri, attempted to get him to reconsider sacking Waystar’s film studio head, he retaliated and fired her too.

In the next episode, Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Shiv (Sarah Snook) go ahead and host a party originally intended to be Logan’s pre-election day party.

Furious Gerri is in attendance, and “when Roman asks her for advice, she turns him down, saying that she’ll be requesting ‘eye-watering sums of money’ from Waystar Royco, and that if he tries to contradict her version of events at any point she will release his ‘copious’ dick pics”, writes The Independent’s Philippa Snow in her four-star review of the episode.

At the moment, it remains unclear what will happen to Gerri’s future at the company.

Succession premieres new episodes on Sundays at 9pm EST on HBO Max in the US and the following day on Sky and Sky Atlantic in the UK.