Succession season 4, episode 7: all the best fan reactions to the tailgate party mayhem

Nate, Shiv and Matsson at the tailgate party  (©2023 HBO. All Rights Reserved)
Nate, Shiv and Matsson at the tailgate party (©2023 HBO. All Rights Reserved)

Succession spoilers season 1-4 below

We can’t bear it... Succession is nearing its end. There are now just three episodes left of the fourth and final brilliant series.

This week Waystar Royco’s top team, and their guests – some of America’s most influential pundits, journalists, political advisors and financiers – gathered to forge allegiances and make backroom deals in anticipation for the election the next day.

But of course having so many personalities in the room was always going to cause trouble. Matsson shows up with his chaotic team, Shiv’s ex-lover Nate is invited by Kendall and Roman to try and influence some of the important political players in the room on the behalf of Waystar, and Tom is extremely tired, and fed up, leading to a major blow up.

As we’ve come to expect from Succession, the episode was packed with zingers, hilarious exchanges, and catapulted the plot forward. Here are the best fan reactions to another episode of hilarious and thrilling drama.

Episode seven was back to business as usual after Living+

Tom gave Shiv a weird present

Greg fired some ATN employees

And later boasted about it

So the tailgate party began

Nate showed up

Gerri said she was officially leaving Waystar

Tired Tom started to lose it

Matsson turned up in an dazzling gold bomber, and said New York was boring

And Shiv and Tom’s fight was brutal

Particularly as Shiv is pregnant, presumably with Tom’s baby

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