'Succession' star reveals when series four will begin filming

'Succession' season 4 will begin filming in June. (HBO)
'Succession' season 4 will begin filming in June. (HBO)

Succession star Alan Ruck has confirmed that season four of the hit drama will begin filming later this year.

The HBO series about a media mogul and his dysfunctional adult children who are all trying to secure their place as heir to his empire aired season three on Sky last year after a long wait of two years owing to the pandemic.

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But it looks as though the next instalment from the troubled Roy family could be on the cards much sooner, as Ruck, who plays Connor Roy, revealed the filming schedule.

He also added hopes of a season five for fans as he told Variety: "I think the end of June is what we've scheduled right now and I wish I could tell you more than that.

"All I know is, there's definitely a season four, there may be a season five."

Alan Ruck as Connor Roy in Succession (HBO)
Alan Ruck as Connor Roy in 'Succession'. (HBO)

There's a good reason why Ruck doesn't know any more about the new episodes - and it's not because he has the same real-life struggles as his character who is always out of the loop with his family.

Asked when he would get the season four scripts, he explained: "Oh, like, the night before. We generally will have a read through in early June of maybe the first two scripts and we'll get them at like midnight the night before."

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Succession is written by Jesse Armstrong and stars Brian Cox as terrifying head of the family and Waystar Royco boss Logan Roy.

The plot revolves around Logan playing off his children Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Shiv (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) against each other as they compete to become his successor, with eldest son Connor (Ruck) from his first marriage largely sidelined and his political ambitions treated as a joke.

At the end of season three, things were looking disastrous for the siblings as they had finally agreed to work together to bring down their father and take over the company - only for Shiv's disgruntled husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) to get in first and tip off Logan who then signed any power out of his children's hands.

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