Sudan Evacuees Arrive at Jeddah Naval Base

Dozens of people who had been evacuated from Sudan arrived in Saudi Arabia on April 30, the Saudi Gazette reported.

According to the report, 133 evacuees arrived via air and sea on Sunday.

The country’s ministry of defense published this footage described as showing the al-Diriyah ship arriving at “the King Faisal Naval Base in Jeddah with 52 people on board.” The evacuees aboard the ship were from Oman, Pakistan, US, and Nepal, the Saudi Gazette reported.

According to the Saudi Gazette the “total number of people who have been evacuated since the start of the evacuation operations from war-torn Sudan has reached about 5,197, of which 184 are Saudi citizens, and about 5,013 belong to 100 nationalities”. Credit: Saudi Ministry of Defense via Storyful

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