‘Sugar’ Producer Says They’re Ready to Make Season 2 of Colin Farrell’s Sci-Fi Noir Series

“We would love to get a second season and we’re ready to make one,” “Sugar” producer Audrey Chon told TheWrap of the Apple TV+ Colin Farrell series, which wrapped its first season on May 17.

Chon said she’d love a second season to further explore the titular character, now that the audience knows that the private detective is really an alien.

“I’d love to see the evolution of Sugar’s character. There were so many things that we had to hide the ball with. There’s so much more to dig into in terms of the exploration of his character,” she explained.

Meanwhile, Farrell shared in a recent interview that the genre-bending reveal from Episode 6 was originally meant to occur in the pilot.

Producer Audrey Chon
Producer Audrey Chon at the Photo Call for Apple TV+’s “Sugar” on March 12, 2024 in Los Angeles. (CREDIT: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“As you can imagine, when you have a big reveal like that, you’re going to get a wide spectrum of reactions. But I think largely, it’s been very favorable. I think it feels earned,” Chon added. “We wanted it to feel elegant and grounded and very humanistic, which I think we were able to pull off. I do feel that people appreciate how that was done.”

She noted that the blend of film noir and sci-fi genres “felt really fresh and inventive.”

Chon continued, “It felt very organic to have the PI and alien reveal blend together in a way. We love how seamless it felt that you could almost interchange them, and it would work, because you’re seeing the world through a very distinct perspective.”

She further confirmed that a second season would include Sugar looking for Henry (Jason Butler Harner), a friend and fellow alien who — spoiler — ended up being the one behind the kidnapping of Olivia (Sydney Chandler), and possibly the disappearance of Sugar’s sister as well.

Jason Butler Harner as Henry in "Sugar"
Jason Butler Harner as Henry in “Sugar” (CREDIT: Apple)

“But there would be other elements from Season 1 that we love that we would obviously continue as well,” she said.

Chon also praised Farrell, who was at the “top of our list” for the part, saying, “He’s so dynamic. He feels like a classic leading man. And he just has this inherent charm and all the qualities we love about Sugar just as a human being, really.”

She added, “I think he does have that timeless leading man quality, he feels incredibly worldly. He’s intelligent, but he also has this vulnerability. And this real soulful side to him, which I think makes him accessible and feel like an outsider in some ways as well.”

Chon couldn’t comment on whether Farrell or Season 1 director Fernando Meirelles are contracted for additional seasons, but it’s likely that a continuation would still use clips from classic film noirs, like “The Lady From Shanghai.”

“Fernando really struck a beautiful balance with the two things, making it feel incredibly modern, but an homage to film noir at the same time,” she said of how the classic films “elegantly enhanced moments from Sugar’s perspective.”

Season 1 of “Sugar” is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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