The Suicide Squad’s Sean Gunn Teases Big Things For Weasel In DCU

 Weasel in The Suicide Squad.
Weasel in The Suicide Squad.

When James Gunn was handed the reins of the DCU we knew we would be in for some big changes. While most eyes are on Gunn’s currently in-production Superman movie, the upcoming DC movie won’t be the first part of the DCU Gods and Monsters storyline. The first piece of the new cinematic universe we will get is the animated Creature Commandos series, and James Gunn’s brother is getting us hyped for the series by promising us much more of fan-favorite Weasel.

Before being hired as the new co-head of DC Films, James Gunn directed The Suicide Squad, which introduced the character of Weasel, while that movie technically may not be canon to the new franchise, Sean Gunn, who voiced and provided motion capture for Weasel in that film, will be back for the Creature Commandos series. Speaking recently at Orlando MegaCon (via Heroic Hollywood) Gunn promises people who want to know more about Weasel will have their wish granted. He explained…

We're gonna find out a lot more about Weasel in Creature Commandos, which is coming up in the fall. I'm very, very excited for an audience to see that because it is awesome. I'm serious, it was really cool, it's an animated show and it's like, it's rad.

Weasel was a popular character in The Suicide Squad, despite the fact that he didn’t actually do that much. He’s part of the initial Suicide Squad team that gets obliterated on screen, though Weasel doesn’t even make it that far, appearing to accidentally drown before even making it to the beach. However, a mid-credits scene in The Suicide Squad reveals that Weasel survives.

Whether or not this is even the same Weasel in Creature Commandos isn’t entirely clear, but Sean Gunn will play the role for a second time nonetheless. James Gunn has also said that actors who voice DCU characters in animation are also going to be playing them in live-action. The Creature Commandos are traditionally a military team made up of monsters. The Creature Commandos cast that we know of also includes the likes of Frank Grillo, Alan Tudyk, and David Harbour among others.

Weasel is just one character from The Suicide Squad who has survived the transition from the previous DC universe to the new one. John Cena, who played Peacemaker will be back for a second season of his show, and Viola Davis’ Amanda Waller is also slated to get her own show.

Weasel was good for a few jokes in The Suicide Squad, so it will be interesting to see how the character works when given a bit more time and apparently a lot more depth. The exact release date for Creature Commandos hasn’t been announced, but the show is expected to arrive on Max sometime this year.