Suki Waterhouse 'Risked Her Life For A Good Instagram'

We all know that maintaining a super-chic Instagram account is one of the number one tactics for celebs, especially in the modelling industry.

However, we doubt that all stars go to the extremes that Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie did in a bid to get a decent Insta pic…

Suki’s close pal Poppy has opened up about the pair’s recent trip to the Amazon, admitting that they ended up living with a tribe in Brazil despite their concerns about contracting the Zika virus.

Well, you only live once… Right?

Speaking in a new interview, Poppy explained: “Suki and I met this guy in Brazil who invited us to live with a tribe, so we did it.

"We were quite worried about contracting the Zika virus though. We risked our lives for a good Instagram!”

Thankfully they left the tribe in good health and had the time of their lives, with the presenter adding: “Quite honestly, Suki is one of the best people who’s ever lived. Having just spent the week with her I now feel like I have stomach muscles from laughing.”

Better stomach muscles than a virus, eh?

Summing up her friendship with Suki as well as the likes of Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner, Poppy told Look magazine that her girl squad’s number one rule is: “That anyone can join.

"I can’t stand, ‘You can’t sit with us’ vibes. We’re dying to sit with people!”

Well definitely bare that in mind next time we see these fab ladies out on the town.