Sunak faces renewed calls to publish his tax returns

The Prime Minister has faced renewed calls to publish his tax returns, after promising to do so several times.

Rishi Sunak claimed he would publish the documents revealing how much tax he pays “very shortly” when pressed on the matter at Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Prime Minister first pledged to publish his tax return during his unsuccessful Tory leadership campaign last summer, in an attempt to put transparency at the heart of his bid.

He faced continued pressure to release the documents when it emerged Tory former minister Nadhim Zahawi settled an estimated £4.7 million bill with HMRC while he was chancellor.

Opening Prime Minister’s Questions, Labour MP Richard Burgon (Leeds East) said: “Over 100 days ago the Prime Minister promised to publish his tax returns. He still hasn’t.

“People want transparency in our politics, especially because the Prime Minister is the richest prime minister in history and because of the concerns there have been.

“So, why on earth hasn’t the Prime Minister published his tax returns yet? When will he do so? And when he does so, will he include his US tax returns?”

Mr Sunak responded: “As I have previously confirmed, I will publish my tax returns and that will be done very shortly.”

In February, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon released her tax returns dating back to 2014 and said she would “anticipate and expect” that Mr Sunak would do the same.

Mr Sunak’s family finances previously faced scrutiny while he was chancellor when the “non-dom” status of his wife Akshata Murty was revealed.

Following the controversy, Ms Murty declared that she would pay UK taxes on all her worldwide income.