Sunbury man accused of homicide set for jury selection today

May 13—SUNBURY — Jury selection in Northumberland County Court begins this morning for accused murderer Ajani Munsh-Ousha Uhuru.

Uhuru, 23, is accused by Sunbury police of entering the Penn Jersey Food Mart on Fourth Street in Sunbury on May 19, 2022, and getting into an argument with 30-year-old Kareem Jakes before shooting Jakes and fleeing.

Uhuru's case is scheduled for trial to begin on Tuesday and last through Thursday, according to officials.

President Judge Paige Rosini will preside over the trial.

District Attorney Michael O'Donnell said the commonwealth is ready to go to trial.

During previous court proceedings, Sunbury Police Chief Travis Bremigen testified and played a video that shows Uhuru entering the store and grabbing a drink before Jakes enters the store and the two begin a conversation.

The video shows Jakes throwing a punch and Uhuru pulling out a weapon and shooting Jakes. Another video shows Jakes getting shot and falling to the ground.

Uhuru is then recorded walking past Jakes and stopping. At a previous hearing, Charisma Jakes, the deceased's sister, testified she was in the store during the incident and Uhuru said "I told you not to play with me" when he paused.

County Coroner Jim Kelley testified Kareem Jakes was pronounced dead at 4:57 p.m. at the scene.

Bremigen testified he spoke with Uhuru when Uhuru was captured outside of Philadelphia by the U.S. Marshals days after the shooting. The chief said Uhuru allegedly admitted to the shooting.

Jury selection begins at 9:15 a.m.