Sunbury man faces aggravated assault after fight with police

May 11—SUNBURY — A Sunbury man faces felony aggravated assault charges after police said they responded to an alleged fight at a Masser Street home.

Hector Rivera-Vazquez, 39, of North 7th Street, faces three counts of felony aggravated assault after Sunbury police said they were dispatched to a Masser Street home on May 7 and heard screaming and yelling and multiple people running up and down the stairs of the residence.

Police said when they arrived they attempted to detain Rivera-Vazquez after they saw a male bleeding from his eyebrow.

Rivera-Vazquez attempted to pull away from officers, and police said it took three officers to detain the man.

Rivera-Vazquez continued to fight with officers and pushed all three in an attempt to be free until officers drew their electronic weapon and pointed it at the man, according to court documents.

At one point police allege Rivera-Vazquez grabbed for one of the officer's service weapon and another officer deployed the electronic device which officers said had little to no effect, according to court documents.

After a short time officers were able to finally get control of the situation and placed the man in double locked handcuffs behind his back, officers said.

Police from various agencies, including troopers from Stonington arrived at the scene during the incident, police said.

During the investigation, one of the witnesses inside the home allegedly told police the fight ensued after Rivera-Vazquez had been drinking, according to court documents.

Rivera- Vazquez will now appear before Sunbury District Judge Rachel Wiest-Benner on the charges.