Sunday Brunch fans want Tim Lovejoy 'sacked' and say 'just goes to show'

Sunday Brunch has been urged to "ditch" Tim Lovejoy as fans demand he is replaced as the presenter. On Sunday April 14, Tim - the Channel 4 host - was presenting alongside Simon Rimmer as the pair welcomed the likes of Stephen Mangan and Maisie Adam.

But Tim's presenting skills left a lot to be desired, according to fans. The episode aired from 9.30am til 12.30pm on Sunday April 14 with Tim and former BBC Strictly Come Dancing star Simon in the studio once again for a mammoth show.

Taking to Twitter/X, a fan typed: "I remember, once upon a time, the #sundaybrunch hashtag used to be fun. Lack of tweets just goes to show they have lost the plot." A second raged: " #sundaybrunch rimmer bent over the food it’s scary how close he gets breathing all over it ! Yuck!"

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And another chimed in to say: "Lovejoy really is a ***** isnt he. Football football football is his gig. We get it, Tim. You like football. Here's a thought, sack him off #sundaybrunch and kick jug ears off #motd - give him the gig in his place. Would be ideal."

Another said: "When is this comedian woman going to make another Minion movie? #sundaybrunch " And another said: "Very Sorry to hear about the Richardson’s split . Talking of which, Language Timothy!!!"

But defending the show, another wrote: "@MikeBubbins @SundayBrunchC4 @Channel4 great build up for Wednesday @BBCiPlayer 10pm looking forward to it. Just what we need in UK, great comedy" Pebbles said: " @MaisieAdam your new hair do suits you. Looking good! Miley Cyrus vibes. @SundayBrunchC4."

"@SundayBrunchC4 saw @MsGfaye and cast in The Syndicate yesterday at Richmond and absolutely loved it. Loved how it’s moved from tv to stage. If it’s in your town people should go and see it," another commented.