Sunderland local election results 2024 in full

Sunderland Council Local Elections count at Silksworth Sports Centre in Sunderland
Sunderland Council Local Elections count at Silksworth Sports Centre in Sunderland -Credit:North News & Pictures Ltd

Labour has strengthened its grip on power at Sunderland City Council following the latest local elections, after taking several seats from opposition parties.

Senior figures in Wearside’s ruling Labour Group said they were pleased with the results of the 2024 polls, which saw the Labour Party increase its overall majority on the city council. As the polls closed at 10pm on Thursday, May 2, candidates flocked to Silksworth Community Pool, Tennis and Wellness Centre where votes were verified and counted for the 25 seats contested across the city.

After the final ward was declared in the early hours of Friday, Labour had successfully defended all its seats while gaining seats in several wards including St Anne’s, Washington South, Barnes, St Peter’s and Hendon. The Wearside Liberal Democrats failed to gain a third seat from the Conservatives in Fulwell, and also lost a councillor in Hendon to a Labour candidate.

Three Labour cabinet members, Kevin Johnston, Kelly Chequer and John Price, also defended their seats in Copt Hill, Southwick, and Houghton respectively. As the city council holds its elections by ‘thirds’, only 25 of 75 seats on the council were contested on May 2, with around half involving opposition parties defending their seats.

Although Conservatives defended several key seats in Fulwell, St Chad’s and St Michael’s. they were left counting their losses after losing wards to Labour in Barnes, St Anne’s and St Peter’s. This represented a loss of three councillors, and the Conservatives losing their status as the official opposition on the council to the Liberal Democrats.

After losing a large number of Labour councillors over elections in 2019 and 2021, the Labour Party started to reverse the trend in 2023 when it picked up three seats. Following local election results on May 2, 2024, and two Lib Dem councillors defecting to Labour in late-2023, the Labour Party has increased its overall majority on Sunderland City Council further.

Although the Liberal Democrats lost a councillor in Hendon, the party successfully defended seats in Doxford, Millfield, Pallion and Sandhill. The tightly-contested Pallion ward, which was previously held by Lib Dem Cllr Colin Nicholson before he defected to sit as an independent, saw Lib Dem candidate Stephen Donkin elected with a majority over Labour.

Reform UK, which stood candidates in all city wards, and the Green Party, which stood candidates in the majority of city wards, did not see any new councillors elected. Councillor Paul Donaghy, a former Conservative who defected to the party in early 2023, lost his Reform UK seat in Washington South to Labour.

The overall results on May 2 for Sunderland City Council’s 25 wards saw 18 Labour, three Conservative and four Lib Dem councillors elected, or re-elected. The council’s overall make-up is now 53 Labour councillors, 12 Liberal Democrats and 10 Conservatives.

Below is the full, ward by ward list of candidates in Sunderland which we will update with results as they are announced:


Alan Douglas BILTON (Reform UK) 415

Richard DUNN (Local Conservatives) 1,019

Tim ELLIS-DALE (Liberal Democrat) 203

Fiona TOBIN (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,191

Mark Dominic TYERS (Green Party) 162

Labour gain


Mia COUPLAND (Liberal Democrat) 98

Dawn Marie JACKSON (Green Party Candidate) 62

Christopher John ROSE (Local Conservatives) 160

Keith SAMME (Reform UK) 346

Denny WILSON (Labour Party) 1,130

Labour hold


Nana BODDY (Liberal Democrat) 105

Benjamin William DAVIES-SCOTT (Local Conservatives) 316

Kevin JOHNSTON (Labour Party) 1,432

Michael John LORRAINE (Reform UK) 395

Andrew ROBERTSON (Green Party Candidate) 245

Labour hold


Martha Rachel Maitland BRADLEY (Green Party) 94

George Edward BROWN (Local Conservatives) 200

Paul Wilfred Leslie GIBSON (Liberal Democrat) 1,441

Liz HIGHMORE (Labour Party) 831

Susan LATHAN (Reform UK) 359

Liberal Democrat hold


Michael Peter HARTNACK (Local Conservatives) 1,379

Lisa Marie HILTON (Reform UK) 303

Kevin LYNCH (Green Party Candidate) 127

Miguel Smith (Liberal Democrat) 1,254

Andy STAFFORD (Labour Party) 791

Conservative hold


Lynda Joyce ANDREWS (Reform UK) 258

Stephen Lewis ELMS (Labour and Co-operative Party) 976

Georgina Debra GOULD (Local Conservatives) 144

Helmut IZAKS (Green Party Candidate) 125

Ciaran Joseph MORRISSEY (Liberal Democrat) 948

Labour gain


James BLACKBURN (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,153

Ian David ELLIS (Liberal Democrat) 62

David William GEDDIS (Independent) 721

Stephen William HOLT (Reform UK) 269

Rachel Louise LOWE (Green Party Candidate) 123

Connor SINCLAIR (Local Conservatives) 145

Labour hold


Lynda ALEXANDER (Reform UK) 79

Sharon BODDY (Liberal Democrat) 93

Alyson KORDBARLAG (Green Party Candidate) 106

Craig MORRISON (Local Conservatives) 249

John PRICE (Labour Party) 1,692

Donna Sarah THOMAS (Independent) 236

Labour hold


Syed ALI (Labour Party) 742

Hardipsinh BARAD (Local Conservatives) 110

Richard Peter BRADLEY (Green Party) 118

Kathryn Annette BROWN (Reform UK) 156

Niall Dane Hodson (Liberal Democrat Focus Team) 1,450

Liberal Democrat hold


Steven Boyd DONKIN (Liberal Democrat) 1,147

Gwennyth GIBSON (Local Conservatives) 73

Raymond LATHAN (Reform UK) 255

Dorothy LYNCH (Green Party) 38

Karen NOBLE (Labour Party) 869

Liberal Democrat hold


Steven John DALE (Liberal Democrat) 128

Chris EYNON (Reform UK) 579

Susan Elizabeth LEISHMAN (Local Conservatives) 156

Alison SMITH (Labour and Co-operative Party) 931

Labour hold


Janice Susan ELLIS (Liberal Democrat) 167

Helen GLANCY (Labour Party) 1,356

Kevin LEONARD (Local Conservatives) 345

Tony Nathan THOMPSON (Reform UK) 656

Labour hold


Adam AISTON (Local Conservatives) 60

Brian ALEXANDER (Reform UK) 215

Dennis CARROLL (Labour Party) 543

Paul EDGEWORTH (Liberal Democrat) 1,318

Robert WELSH (Green Party Candidate) 42

Liberal Democrat hold


Katherine MASON-GAGE (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,605

Thomas Alexander MOWER (Green Party Candidate) 252

Michael Keith PEACOCK (Liberal Democrat) 89

Christine Mary Reed (Local Conservatives) 358

Robert SNOWDON (Reform UK) 466

Labour hold


Mauro Alfiero AMATOSI (Liberal Democrat) 50

Sophie CLINTON (Labour Party) 1,322

Michael ELLIS (Reform UK) 380

Rachel Sara FEATHERSTONE (Green Party) 551

Owen SNAITH (Local Conservatives) 243

Labour hold


Kelly CHEQUER (Labour Party) 1,141

Christopher Michael CROZIER (Green Party Candidate) 139

Michael DAGG (Liberal Democrat) 115

Bryan Witherwick REYNOLDS (Local Conservatives) 227

James WILSON (Reform UK) 453

Labour hold


Lynne Susan DAGG (Labour and Co-operative Party) 869

Simon Andrew HUGHES (Green Party Candidate) 119

Greg Peacock (Local Conservatives) 429

Audrey Catherine SMITH (Liberal Democrat) 96

Sam David WOODS-BRASS (Reform UK) 420

Labour gain


Chris BURNICLE (Local Conservatives) 1,102

Scott Andrew BURROWS (Green Party Candidate) 113

Andrew John ROWNTREE (Labour and Co-operative Party) 833

Sheila SAMME (Reform UK) 254

Anthony USHER (Liberal Democrat) 106

Conservative hold


John Leonard APPLETON (Green Party Candidate) 242

Jo COOPER (Labour Party) 1,201

Neil FARRER (Reform UK) 270

Lyall Jonathan REED (Local Conservatives) 1,525

Colin Andrew WILSON (Liberal Democrat) 102

Conservative hold


David CRAIG (Reform UK) 411

Liam DUFFERWIEL (Green Party) 143

Sam Martin JOHNSTON (Local Conservatives) 1,074

John Anthony LENNOX (Liberal Democrat) 255

David NEWEY (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,167

Labour gain


Audrey JAITAY (Local Conservatives) 445

Raymond John MOORE (Green Party) 133

Dianne Elizabeth SNOWDON (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,673

Aimee Lynette TROW (Reform UK) 320

Linda Mary WOOD (Liberal Democrat) 90

Labour hold


Hilary JOHNSON (Local Conservatives) 550

Sean Robert LAWS (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,632

Ashton Hektor MUNCASTER (Reform UK) 466

Crispin Melvill WELBY (Liberal Democrat) 293

Labour hold


Elizabeth BROWN (Reform UK) 478

Svetlana RAKHIMOVA (Local Conservatives) 179

Michael Lee Walker (Labour Party) 1,389

Carlton Lee West (Liberal Democrat) 123

Labour hold


Michal CHANTKOWSKI (Green Party) 96

Paul Donaghy (Reform UK) 382

Brandon Mark FEELEY (Labour and Co-operative Party) 1,545

Peter James NOBLE (Local Conservatives) 890

Sean TERRY (Liberal Democrat) 82

Labour gain


Andrew Philip BEX (Liberal Democrat) 215

Sam COSGROVE (Local Conservatives) 395

Paul Andrew LEONARD (Green Party) 225

Deborah Ann LORRAINE (Reform UK) 492

Jimmy WARNE (Labour Party) 1,412

Labour hold

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