Super Rygbi Cymru 2024/25 fixtures and key dates in full

Llandovery's Tiaan Sparrow, Adam Warren and Euros Evans at the announcement of Super Rugby Cymru -Credit:Huw Evans Picture Agency
Llandovery's Tiaan Sparrow, Adam Warren and Euros Evans at the announcement of Super Rugby Cymru -Credit:Huw Evans Picture Agency

The WRU have announced the launch of their new 10-team competition, Super Rygbi Cymru.

The 10 clubs will move out of the community game in Wales and become aligned with the professional tie as a means to bridge the gap between the amateur and professional game.

The WRU have announced the full fixture list, in which the 10 clubs will play 18 home and away games in the regular system, before the league then enters three rounds of play-offs before a grand final.

The season will align with the professional calendar. There will also be three pieces of silverware up for grabs, too, the Super Rygbi Cymru Trophy, the Super Rygbi Cymru Cup and the Challenger Shield.

The Challenger Shield will see the winners of this year’s cup, Llandovery RFC, as the holders. The holders must defend the shield in all home games during the regular season. If the challenger beats them, they will become the new holder of the shield and required to defend it at their next home game.

The Super Rygbi Cymru Cup will take place during the Six Nations. It will be a four-round competition and a final. There will be two pools of five teams randomly drawn and each team will be play two home and two away matches, the winner of each pool play for the Cup in the final.

The last piece of silverware is the Trophy, which will be the winner of the grand final of the league competition.

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Here is the Super Rygbi Cymru fixture list and key dates in full:

ROUND 1 – September 14, 2024

Carmarthen Quins v Swansea
Ebbw Vale v Aberavon
Newport v Bridgend
Pontypool v Llandovery
RGC v Cardiff

ROUND 2 – September 21, 2024

Aberavon v Carmarthen Quins
Bridgend v Pontypool
Cardiff v Ebbw Vale
Llandovery v RGC
Swansea v Newport

ROUND 3 – September 28, 2024

Carmarthen Quins v Cardiff
Ebbw Vale v Llandovery
Newport v Aberavon
RGC v Pontypool
Swansea v Bridgend

ROUND 4 – October 5, 2024

Aberavon v Newport
Bridgend v Swansea
Cardiff v Carmarthen Quins
Llandovery v Ebbw Vale
Pontypool v RGC

ROUND 5 – October 12, 2024

Aberavon v Bridgend
Carmarthen Quins v Pontypool
Ebbw Vale v RGC
Newport v Llandovery
Swansea v Cardiff

ROUND 6 – October 19, 2024

Bridgend v Ebbw Vale
Cardiff v Aberavon
Llandovery v Swansea
Pontypool v Newport
RGC v Carmarthen Quins

ROUND 7 – October 26, 2024

Aberavon v Llandovery
Cardiff v Bridgend
Carmarthen Quins v Ebbw Vale
Newport v RGC
Swansea v Pontypool

ROUND 8 – November 23, 2024

Bridgend v Carmarthen Quins
Ebbw Vale v Newport
Llandovery v Cardiff
Pontypool v Aberavon
RGC v Swansea

ROUND 9 – November 30, 2024

Aberavon v RGC
Cardiff v Pontypool
Llandovery v Bridgend
Newport v Carmarthen Quins
Swansea v Ebbw Vale

ROUND 10 – December 7, 2024

Aberavon v Ebbw Vale
Bridgend v Newport
Cardiff v RGC
Llandovery v Pontypool
Swansea v Carmarthen Quins

ROUND 11 – December 14, 2024

Carmarthen Quins v Aberavon
Ebbw Vale v Cardiff
Newport v Swansea
Pontypool v Bridgend
RGC v Llandovery

ROUND 12 – December 21, 2024 (DERBY ROUND)

Aberavon v Swansea
Bridgend v RGC
Cardiff v Newport
Llandovery v Carmarthen Quins
Pontypool v Ebbw Vale

ROUND 13 - December 28, 2024 (DERBY ROUND)

Carmarthen Quins v Llandovery
Ebbw Vale v Pontypool
Newport v Cardiff
RGC v Bridgend
Swansea v Aberavon

ROUND 14 – January 4, 2025

Bridgend v Aberavon
Cardiff v Swansea
Llandovery v Newport
Pontypool v Carmarthen Quins
RGC v Ebbw Vale

ROUND 15 – March 29, 2025

Aberavon v Cardiff
Carmarthen Quins v RGC
Ebbw Vale v Bridgend
Newport v Pontypool
Swansea v Llandovery

ROUND 16 – April 5, 2025

Bridgend v Cardiff
Ebbw Vale v Carmarthen Quins
Llandovery v Aberavon
Pontypool v Swansea
RGC v Newport

ROUND 17 – April 12, 2025

Aberavon v Pontypool
Cardiff v Llandovery
Carmarthen Quins v Bridgend
Newport v Ebbw Vale
Swansea v RGC

ROUND 18 – April 19, 2025

Bridgend v Llandovery
Carmarthen Quins v Newport
Ebbw Vale v Swansea
Pontypool v Cardiff
RGC v Aberavon

Post-Season Finals

Wildcard Play Offs – April 26, 2025

7th v 10th (WG 1)
8th v 9th (WG 2)

Quarter-Finals – May 3, 2025

1st v WG 1 (QF 1)
4th v 5th (QF 2)
2nd v WG 2 (QF 3)
3rd v 6th (QF 4)

Semi-Finals – May 10, 2025

Winner of QF1 v Winner of QF 4
Winner of QF2 v Winner of QF 3

Grand Final – May 17, 2025

Winner SF 1 v Winner of SF 2
* Neutral Venue TBC

Super Rygbi Cymru Cup Weekends

ROUND 1 – January 25, 2025
ROUND 2 – February 1, .2025
ROUND 3 – February 15, 2025
ROUND 4 – March 1, 2025
FINAL – March 15, 2025