Supercell Storm Downs Trees and Power Lines in North Carolina Town

A severe storm uprooted multiple trees and downed power lines across Cherryville, North Carolina, on Tuesday, May 16, after officials warned of “a strong supercell” rolling into Gaston County with wind speeds of up to 70 mph.

According to WCNC Chief Meteorologist Brad Panovich, the damage was caused by either a tornado or straight-line winds.

This footage from local photographer Jenni Nathe was captured after the storm on Tuesday evening, as she and her children inspected the damage.

“All over town, there is a ton … of fallen trees,” Nathe says in the video. “The power lines have been ripped to shreds. It’s insane,” she continues. “This is a really devastating thing for such a small town,” she says.

Four schools in Cherryville and the town’s library were closed on Wednesday, the county said. Credit: Jennitookit via Storyful

Video transcript

JENNI NATHE: This is just one area. All over town, there is a ton, a ton of fallen trees. Thank you, God, nothing fell in our yard. Praise God. But please, please, pray for all the families, because there is some houses that we've seen have trees fallen on them. The power lines have been ripped to shreds. It's insane. This is just one part that we've seen.

- I cannot go to school tomorrow. There's no way unless--

- Mommy, mommy. [INAUDIBLE] And the cars, how are they going--

JENNI NATHE: Yeah, I don't think there's going to be school tomorrow. Check this out. Check this out, yo. Check this out. Get back, get back. Check this out.

- Can we go now?

JENNI NATHE: Yeah, hold on.

- I'm just going to [INAUDIBLE]

- Thank God Pizza Hut is still alive.

JENNI NATHE: This is a really devastating thing for such a small town. --cars. Oh my gosh, we're going to have to turn around probably.

- Holy crap.

- I just saw lightning.

- No, it's fine. See, there's no cars up ahead. They just didn't circle around them.


- Dad is.

- Tree companies are going to get some service today. Oh my gosh.

- We should go get the chainsaw and start helping people.

- This is such a bad storm.

- Well, at least I'm glad-- Oh my gosh.

- Oh my gosh. It's up rooted. It's bigger than-- Why are there flowers?

JENNI NATHE: From the graves.

- No. I don't know what that is, but no.


- Something broke over there.


JENNI NATHE: Pray for Cherryville.