Supermarket Introduces Shopping Trolleys You Can Carry Your Dog In

A supermarket owner tired of seeing sad-looking dogs waiting outside for their owners has come up with an ingenious idea.

Gianfranco Galantini, owner of Unes grocery shop in the city of Liano, Italy, has made his trolleys dog-friendly by a few small tweaks.

By fitting the trolleys with a solid-bottomed partitioned section, dogs are now able to ride up front while their owners shop.

The trolleys are going down well with dogs and owners alike (Lucia Landoni/La Repubblica)

As these adorable pictures show, the pups seem far happier than when they are chained up outside.

Gianfranco told La Repubblica that the move had gone down a treat among owners and four-legged friends.

“The owners of small dogs can now avoid having to leave them outside, giving them peace of mind to take all the time they need to make their purchases,” he said.

“The initiative launched just recently, but we’ve already noticed how much our customers appreciate it.”

Only smaller dogs are allowed in the shop (Lucia Landoni/La Repubblica)

So far there have apparently been no problems, no dogs running riots or leaving mess anyway.

According to the website, the chain is thinking about rolling the trolleys out across its stores.

(Credit: Lucia Landoni/La Repubblica)