Support Immortal Studios’ new Kickstarter campaign to fight ‘superhero fatigue’


Immortal Studios, the entertainment studio building the world’s first and only AAPI-led Wuxia storyverse, has launched its "Turn the Page on Superheroes" campaign on Kickstarter, which is open until December 15, 2023. 

The campaign, which is a response to the growing superhero fatigue in pop culture, aims to move away from traditional superhero narratives by continuing four already-established wuxia comics: The Adept, Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen, Fa Sheng: Origins, and Assassin G.

Immortal Studios’ mission is to introduce a new era of heroes that resonate more deeply with contemporary challenges and experiences. The studio's approach combines the essence of the Wuxia genre, known for its focus on self-cultivation and moral codes, with modern storytelling techniques including:

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  • Emphasizing inner strength and personal choice over external gadgets

  • Blending Eastern and Western storytelling for a more inclusive narrative

  • Creating emotionally resonant stories that address real-life challenges

  • Ensuring that art reflects and engages with current global issues

Immortal Studios invites everyone to be part of this narrative shift! Supporters can contribute to the Kickstarter campaign and follow the studio's progress on Instagram and through their newsletter

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