Suranne Jones says she vets scripts to make sure they are not ‘too harrowing’

Suranne Jones has said that she checks scripts to ensure that they do not contain “anything too harrowing” before she signs up to play a part.

Speaking to the Radio Times, the Gentleman Jack star said that she would not take time out from her family to work on troubling story lines.

Jones told the magazine: “I still vet what I read and if there was anything too harrowing, I could have said it wasn’t for me.

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Jones said she is ‘being careful’ about what she gives up family time for (Isabel Infantes/PA)

“I’m in no rush to do anything about missing children, and I’ve read some scripts recently —  television drama seems to be fascinated by them, but it doesn’t hold any interest for me at the minute.

“I’m being careful about what I swap my family life for.”

She added that filming is set to begin for the second series of Gentleman Jack, which she has been invited to executive produce.

She made the comments in an interview with the Radio Times (Radio Times/PA)
She made the comments in an interview with the Radio Times (Radio Times/PA)

“We start filming in June and we’re really excited to start the next chapter,” she said.

“Anyone who’s read the bit in Anne Lister’s diaries after the marriage will know what’s coming, but Sally [Wainwright] puts it together brilliantly — it feels vibrant, but it has real emotional depth.”

Read the full interview in the Radio Times.