Surprise proposal marks Taylor Swift's return to Scotland as Eras Tour kicks off with a bang

Taylor Swift delivered a thrilling performance at Murrayfield
-Credit: (Image: Daily Record)

A surprise proposal was just one of the moments to make Taylor Swifts return to Scotland unforgettable after she last toured here almost ten years ago in 2015.

The spontaneous engagement came as Taylor sang her song Cardigan in the log cabin set for Folklore Era and it even surprised the Love Story star, who raised her arms in glee at seeing the romance unfold in front of her.

It was a joyous occasion and it was one everyone shared.

It came after another lucky baby member of the audience was plucked out by the cameras and surprised on screen as she was given Taylor’s famous hat during the song 22.

With no less than sixteen outfit changes, a string of incredible hit songs from Bad Blood to Shake It Off and beyond, stunning visuals, fun loving dancers, a mass singalong, pyrotechnics, a sea of smiling faces and joy and happiness filling the air, Taylor was every bit the Disney princess come to life.

And her vocals were as thrilling as the rest of her set.

Taylor stunned fans in Edinburgh tonight
Taylor stunned fans in Edinburgh tonight -Credit:Daily Record

For many of the fans who caught planes, trains trams, and automobiles at incredible expense to see her, it was their first time seeing the more than triple threat that is Taylor in concert and arguably the bar has now been set way too high for other artists to compete.

Eras in all its glory covered some of the 14 time Grammy winners anthems over the last decade and all worries were put aside as Taylor performed to her beloved Scots crowd, consisting of mostly females with some very happy men embracing the whole party.

In the standing zone people danced and waved their arms around enthusiastically as they recognised all their favourites from the talented songwriter and shared the incredible event with their friends.

Loyal Swifties sang their hearts out
Loyal Swifties sang their hearts out -Credit:Daily Record

Screaming fans had made a huge effort with their assorted Era’s costumes and glitzy make-up reflective of all the different looks from the iconic singer over the years, and Taylor was so appreciative - doing her utmost not to disappoint by giving her all back.

She matched their dedication in creating looks and buying her Merch, with her unstoppable performance.

Taylor, whose spectacular outfits put Barbie and her peers to shame, said several times throughout the show just how thrilled she was to be in Scotland and admitted her one regret was not having played Edinburgh before now.

And as her sincerity shone through, her adoring crowd believed it with many sighing with sheer happiness at being there.

She is the girl next door that has grown up with many of us and shared every heartache and moment of celebration through beautifully crafted songs.

For many it was a long awaited moment after securing tickets in July and for others who had travelled and spent fortunes on tickets it was a chance to be close to their famous ‘bestie’.

For some it was a moment to see what all the hype was about - with most of them realising just what they’ve been missing.

Buckets of popcorn and ice cream were served up alongside an assortment of soft and spirited drinks for what was the ultimate girlie night out lasting a whopping three and half hours.

This is only night one, but Scotland and beyond are about to be wowed by what is coming over the next two.

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