Surprise! S Club 7's Hannah Spearritt announces baby number two after secret pregnancy

Hannah Spearritt has shared happy baby news (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for St John Ambulance)
Hannah Spearritt has shared happy baby news (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images for St John Ambulance)

S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt has shared some surprise happy news - she has welcomed her second child after a secret pregnancy.

The singer and actor already has a daughter, Taya, with her partner Adam Thomas, and now the tot has got a new baby sister just in time for Christmas with the birth of Tora.

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Spearritt tweeted: “SURPRISE! We are pleased to announce that we recently welcomed baby number two!”

Former bandmate Jo O’Meara commented: “Congratulations my darling !!! Sending you lots of love.”

Spearritt’s first daughter is about to turn two and as the singer shared the details of her news with Hello! magazine, she talked about having two children close together in age.

In a video for the magazine, the 39-year-old said: “Definitely not getting any younger, so always wanted more than one, so it made sense to have another one as quickly as possible.”

Talking about her unusual choice of names for the girls, she said: “Once Taya was called Taya, I think we’d found our vibe and flow.

“It means ‘tiger’. She’s not quite living up to the name yet. And ‘goddess of thunder’.”

Proud dad Thomas chipped in that the name was like the female version of Thor.

It looks like Tora may have been born in October as Spearritt had posted a cryptic image of a thunder and lightning storm on Instagram with the caption: “Happy Thursday everyone” followed by two hearts and the hashtag #Thor’s day with a winking face emoji.

The couple added that Taya had been very good with her new baby sister Tora so far.

Spearritt said: “She’s been really good with her, gentle and no sign of (jealousy) which is a relief.”

She also shared the news in an Instagram post which drew further congratulations from another of her old bandmates, Rachel Stevens.

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Commenting on her post, Stevens wrote: “Ahhh huge congratulations.”

Spearritt had not mentioned her pregnancy before the birth announcement and had been quiet on social media for most of the year.

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