Surrey General Election 2024 exit polls shows who's expected to win each seat

Voters will cast their ballot on Thursday, May 4
-Credit: (Image: Rui Vieira/PA Wire)

The exit polls have been published and are giving Labour a general election landslide with a majority of 170 seats. The Ipsos exit poll, taken from a sample of voters as they leave polling stations gives Labour 450 seats to the Conservatives 131, the Liberal Democrats 61, Reform UK 13, SNP 10, Plaid Cymru 4, Green 2 and others with 19. But what does it mean for Surrey?

It suggests Reigate, East Surrey, Farnham and Bordon, Windsor, and Runnymede and Weybridge are expected to stay Conservative, Liberal Democrat gains are mostly likely to come in Surrey Heath, Godalming and Ash, Dorking and Horley, Woking, Guildford, Epsom and Ewell, and Esher and Walton. While Spelthorne, formerly held by Kwasi Kwarteng could go to Labour.

The exit polls are very close to some pre-polling day predictions. But it suggests the Conservatives have done marginally better than predicted in some areas, with the Liberal Democrats slipping back a few - but largely it looks to mirror very closely pre-election predictions.

Among the highest profile seats in danger is the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is standing in this seat, where an exit poll has predicted he might lose.

There is an 81% chance the Liberal Democrats gain Mr Hunt’s seat in Godalming and Ash, in Surrey, according to Ipsos UK’s exit poll for Sky News, BBC and ITV News. The exit poll is out and with it come forecasts for each of Surrey's seats.

The exit poll's projections are:

  • Aldershot: 83 per cent chance of Labour gain.

  • Epsom and Ewell: 51 per cent chance of Lib Dem gain.

  • Surrey East: 66 per cent chance of Conservative hold.

  • Reigate: 79 per cent chance of Conservative hold.

  • Esher & Walton: 99 per cent chance of Lib Dem gain.

  • Godalming & Ash: 81 per cent chance of Lib Dem gain.

  • Dorking & Horley: 97 per cent chance of Lib Dem gain.

  • Basingstoke: 75 per cent chance Labour gain.

  • Guildford: 99 per cent chance of Lib Dem gain.

  • Woking: 85 per cent chance of Lib Dem gain..

  • Runneymede & Weybridge: 51 per cent Conservative hold.

  • Surrey Heath: 80 per cent Lib Dem gain.

  • Spelthorne: 44 per cent Conservative hold.

  • Windsor: 91 per cent Conservative hold.

  • Farnham & Bordon: 74 per cent Lib Dem gain.

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