Surrey Local Elections 2024: The full list of candidates and when vote is happening

Two elderly people at Baptist Church Polling Station in East Dulwich as it opened for south London voters during local elections on 5th May 2022
Voters will cast their ballots on May 2 -Credit:Richard Baker / In Pictures via Getty Images

The 2024 Surrey Local Elections are less than a month away and the candidates in each area have been out on the doorsteps hoping to earn your votes.

That means our letter boxes will be filled with leaflets, political adverts appearing everywhere you look, and groups of people walking around with clipboards and rosettes.

Widespread elections are taking place in six of Surrey’s 11 boroughs and districts, seven if you include a by-election in Waverley Borough Council. Some parties will be hoping to solidify their grips on councils, others have the potential to flip.

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When are Surrey’s local elections?

Polls open on Thursday, May 2 from 7am until 10pm. Below is the full list of candidates for every ward in Surrey. Want to know who is running in your area? Scroll to find your council and the individual wards. From there you can see all the candidates hoping to get your vote.

Elmbridge Borough Council

Elmbridge Borough Council has 48 seats in total with 16 up for grabs on May 2. More information on the vote in Elmbridge is available here.


Cobham and Downside

  • Elaine Kingston, Reform UK

  • Alistair Mann, Conservative Party

  • Mark Pollak, Liberal Democrats

  • Irene Threlkeld, Labour Party

  • Paul van der Hagen, Heritage Party


  • Richard Bennett, Labour Party

  • Cormac Evans, Liberal Democrats

  • Simon Leifer, Esher Residents Association

  • Amanda Manship, Conservative Party

Hersham Village

  • Ahmad Ali, Labour Party

  • Lewis Brown, Conservative Party

  • Wendy Gibbs, Liberal Democrats

Hinchley Wood and Weston Green

  • Gill Coates, Hinchley Wood/Weston Green Residents' Associations

  • Rachelle Headland, Labour Party

  • Sally Winter, Liberal Democrats

  • Warwick Winter, The Conservative Party

Long Ditton

  • Francis Eldergill, Labour Party

  • Caroline Kim, Conservative Party

  • Jez Langham, Liberal Democrats

Molesey East

  • Susan Dennis, Labour Party

  • Andrew Dillon, Green Party

  • Alain Dubois, Conservative Party

  • Kevin Whincup, Liberal Democrats

Molesey West

  • Susan Cope, Labour Party

  • Anges Fuchs, Conservative Party

  • Pat Gormley, The Molesey Residents Association

  • Paul Nagle, Liberal Democrats

Oatlands and Burwood Park

  • John Cope, Conservative Party

  • Eva Ferlez, Liberal Democrats

  • Angus Rendall, Labour Party

  • Clive Stevens, Green Party

Oxshott and Stoke D’abernon

  • Sarah Aylett, Labour Party

  • Diane Leakey, Liberal Democrats

  • Alan Parker, Conservative Party

  • Gaynor Van Der Hagen, Heritage Party

  • Nicholas Wood, UK Independence Party

Thames Ditton

  • Alex Batchelor, Thames Ditton/Weston Green Residents' Association

  • Naomi Callan, Liberal Democrats

  • Charlotte Keywood, Conservative Party

  • Richard Lewis, Labour Party

Walton Central

  • Carolyn Gray, Labour Party

  • Andrew Kelly, The Walton Society

  • Stanley Luker, Liberal Democrats

  • Rahul Verma, Conservative Party

Walton North

  • Fatima Kamara, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Joshua Lambert, Liberal Democrats

  • Chen Zhao, Conservative Party

Walton South

  • Aliscia Butler, Conservative Party

  • Edward Marcarian, Labour Party

  • Jane Miles, Green Party

  • Alistair Price, Liberal Democrats

Weybridge Riverside

  • Helen Pilmer, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Judy Sarsby, Liberal Democrats

  • Freddie Tshiaba, Conservative Party

Weybridge St George's Hill

  • Sophie Constant, Green Party

  • Gary Dean, Labour and Cooperative

  • Peter Harman, Weybridge and St George's Independents

  • Colin Mcfarlane, Conservative Party

Mole Valley District Council

Mole Valley District Council has 13 wards and residents are electing one member in each - save for Capel, Leigh, Newdigate and Charlwood where voters will be sending two people to town hall. More details on the vote in Mole Valley can be found here.

Ashtead Lanes and Common

  • Susan Gilchrist, Labour Party

  • Andy Smith, Ashtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents

  • Emily Stewart, Green Party

  • Lynn Walker, Conservative Party

  • Jolanta Waugh, Liberal Democrats

Ashtead Park

  • Steve Eagle, Labour Party

  • Howard Jones, Conservative Party

  • Gerry Sevenoaks, Ashtead Independents, working with Ashtead Residents

  • Philippa Shimmin, Liberal Democrats

  • Sally Stewart, Green Party

Bookham East and Eastwick Park

  • Louise Calland, Conservative Party

  • Penny Green, Green Party

  • William Mansfield, Labour Party

  • Andrew Matthews, Liberal Democrats

Bookham West

  • Fiona Case, Green Party

  • Beccy Gunn Beccy, Conservative Party

  • Timothy Kent, Labour Party

  • Christine Miller, Liberal Democrats

Brockham, Betchworth, Buckland, Box Hill and Headley

  • Peter Butterworth, Green Party

  • Noel Humphrey, Labour Party

  • Paula Keay, Liberal Democrats

  • Austin Kesseiri, Conservative Party

Capel, Leigh, Newdigate and Charlwood

  • Martin Gerard, Green Party

  • Kirstie Havard, Liberal Democrats

  • Mick Hay, Labour Party

  • David McCorquodale, Conservative Party

  • Leo Nasskau, Labour Party

  • Mark Saunders, Conservative Party

  • Lisa Scott, Green Party lead candidate

  • Dineke van den Bogerd, Liberal Democrats

Dorking North

  • Lucy Botting, Conservative Party

  • Chris Crook, Green Party

  • Clare Mansfield, Labour Party

  • Elsie Rosam, Liberal Democrats

Dorking South

  • Molly Crook, Green Party

  • Michael Foulston, Conservative Party

  • Kev Stroud, Labour Party

  • Nick Wright, Liberal Democrats


  • Paul Austin, Conservative Party

  • Beatriz Heath, Labour Party

  • Caroline Joseph, Liberal Democrats

  • Joanna Sherring, Green Party

Holmwoods and Beare Green

  • Christime Foster, Labour Party

  • Simon Keats, Reform UK

  • John Roche, Green Party

  • Michelle Watson, Conservative Party

  • Clayton Wellman, Liberal Democrats

Leatherhead North

  • Alan Gibbs, Conservative Party

  • Chloe Roper, Labour Party

  • Gregory Smith, Green Party

  • Benjamin Wear, Liberal Democrats

Leatherhead South

  • Melissa Awcock, Green Party

  • Ann Clark, Labour Party

  • Tim Hall, Conservative Party

  • Gareth Parsons, Liberal Democrats

Mickleham, Westcott and Okewood

  • David Mir, Conservative Party

  • Leah Mursaleen-Plank, Liberal Democrats

  • James Poke, Green Party

  • James Stringer, Labour Party

Reigate and Banstead

There are 15 wards with one person elected in each. The exception is in Tattenham Corner and Preston where, to fill the vacancy, two councillors will be elected.

Banstead Village

  • Anthony Anderson, Liberal Democrats

  • Chris Hanson-Graville, Green Party

  • Nadean Moses, Conservative Party

  • Chris Salmen, Labour Party

Chipstead, Kingswood and Woodmansterne

  • Mark Johnston, Liberal Democrats

  • Shelly Newton, Conservative Party

  • Christian Oster, Green Party

  • Tony Robinson, Labour Party

Earlswood and Whitebushes

  • Lexi Lawrence, Liberal Democrats

  • Trevor Nugent, Conservative Party

  • Gillian Vischer, Green Party

  • Alistair Wells, Labour Party

Hooley, Merstham and Netherne

  • Catherine Barrett, Labour Party

  • Joel Gabriel, Green Party

  • Stuart Holmes, Liberal Democrats

  • Frank Kelly, Conservative Party

  • Chris Scott, Reform UK

Horley Central and South

  • Giorgio Buttironi, Conservative Party

  • Lynnette Easterbrook, Labour Party

  • Steel Horton, Green Party

  • Sam Mearing, Liberal Democrats

Horley East and Salfords

  • Neha Boghani, Green Party

  • Peter Newton, Liberal Democrats

  • Taylor O`Driscoll, Conservative Party

  • Ryan Ramsey, Labour Party

Horley West and Sidlow

  • Sujata Das, Conservative Party

  • Neville Kemp, Green Party

  • Tom Turner, Labour Party

  • Steve Wotton, Liberal Democrats

Lower Kingswood, Tadworth and Walton

  • Gregory Ardan, Liberal Democrats

  • Zelanie Cooper, Independent

  • Faye Llewellyn, Labour Party

  • Alistair Morten, Green Party

  • Tim Peniston-Bird, Conservative Party

Meadvale and St John`s

  • Martin Elbourne, Liberal Democrats

  • Natasha Hobbs, Green Party

  • Rosie Norgrove, Labour Party

  • Jonathan White, Conservative Party


  • Flip Bakker, Green Party

  • Pamela Freeman, Conservative Party

  • Peter Harp, Nork Residents' Association

  • Isobel Squire, Liberal Democrats

  • Geoffrey Woodhead, Labour Party

Redhill East

  • Moray Carey, Liberal Democrats

  • Joan Odiachi, Conservative Party

  • Sue Sinden, Green Party

  • Elliott Wragg, Labour Party

Redhill West and Wray Common

  • Felix Kennedy, Green Party

  • Mark Mendoza, Conservative Party

  • Jenny Orchard, Labour Party

  • Gemma Roulston, Liberal Democrats


  • Michael Blacker, Conservative Party

  • Jemma De Vincenzo, Liberal Democrats

  • Toby Risk, Green Party

  • Mark Scott, Labour Party

South Park and Woodhatch

  • Liam Castles, Labour Party

  • Paul Chandler, Green Party

  • Joseph Fox, Reform UK

  • Robin Lawrence, Liberal Democrats

  • Christian Stevens, Conservative Party

Tattenham Corner and Preston

  • Graham Burr, Liberal Democrats

  • Adrian Freeman, Conservative Party

  • Rex Giles, Labour Party

  • Rajan Mathew, Conservative Party

  • Barry Nash, Tattenham and Preston Residents

  • Robert Pye, Green Party

  • Mike Robinson, Liberal Democrats

  • Tim Snuggs, Tattenham and Preston Residents

  • Ian Thirlwall, Labour Party

Runnymede Borough Council

Fifteen seats will be decided on May 2. The council went to no overall control last year so everything is up for grabs.

Addlestone North

  • Stuart Lawrence, Liberal Democrat

  • Stewart Mackay, Reform UK

  • Priya Mehta, Green Party

  • June Tilbury, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Tommy Traylen, Conservative Party

Addlestone South

  • Theresa Burton, Liberal Democrat

  • John Furey, Conservative Party

  • Elaine Percival, Labour and Cooperative Party

Chertsey Riverside

  • Elaine Brindley, Green Party

  • Liam Elvish, Liberal Democrats

  • John Osborn, Conservative Party

  • Cai Parry, Labour and Cooperative Party

Chertsey St Ann`s

  • Vicky Flyn, Green Party

  • Annabel Jones, Liberal Democrat

  • Mark Williams, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Myles Willingale, Conservative Party

Egham Hythe

  • Deshveen Mangat, Independent

  • Ricky Milstead, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Tanya Solomon, Conservative Party

Egham Town

  • Mark Adams, Conservative Party

  • Jocelyn Boxall, Labour Party

  • Timothy Hayes, Green Party

  • Ian Heath, Liberal Democrats

  • Geeta Moudgil, Independent Residents' Group

Englefield Green West

  • Bob Bromley, Reform UK

  • Paul Gahir, Labour Party

  • Wendy Locker, Conservative Party

  • Amanda Willis, Independent

Longcross, Lyne and Chertsey South

  • Kevin Lee, Liberal Democrats

  • Steve Vise, Conservative Party

New Haw

  • Howard Freeman, Conservative Party

  • Ken Graham, Liberal Democrats

  • Gian Palermiti, Heritage Party

  • Martin Robson, Green Party


  • George Callaghan, Conservative Party

  • David Charlton, Liberal Democrats

  • Peter Chiverton, Green Party

  • Anne Emerson-Miller, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Carl Mann, Independent


  • Roberto Buono, Conservative Party

  • Margaret Harnden, Runnymede Independent Residents' Group

  • Benjamin Niblett, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Cheryl Smith-Wright, Liberal Democrats

Virginia Water

  • Maciej Pawlik, Green Party

  • Karin Rowsell, Liberal Democrats

  • Lewis Virgo, Conservative Party

Woodham and Rowtown

  • Rachel Bear, Heritage Party

  • Jennifer Coulon, Liberal Democrats

  • Deborah Hepburn, Green Party

  • Harry Hurst, Labour and Cooperative Party

  • Scott Lewis, Conservative Party

  • Richard Miller, Green Party

  • Pippa Tucker-Brown, Conservative Party

Waverley Borough Council

There is a by-election for one ward

Witley and Milford

  • Laura Cavaliere, Liberal Democrats

  • Gary Hudson, Conservative Party

  • Tony Sollars, Independent

Woking Borough Council

A third of the council will be decided on the day. There is also an additional vacancy this year in Hoe Valley bringing the total number of seats voted for up to 11. More information on the vote in Woking is available here.

Byfleet and West Byfleet

  • Josh Brown, Local Conservatives

  • Steve Howes, Independent

  • Oliver Lester, Labour Party

  • Erica Singharay, Liberal Democrats


  • Tahir Aziz, Labour Party

  • Trevor Leek, Conservative Party

  • Faisal Mumtaz, Liberal Democrats

  • Eleanor Waple, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Goldsworth Park

  • Ann-Marie Barker, Liberal Democrats

  • Debbie Harlow, Conservative Party

  • Chris Martin, Labour and Cooperative Party


  • Kevin Davis, Conservative Party

  • Paul Hoekstra, Green Party

  • Pav Pandher, Liberal Democrats

  • Allan Petrie, Reform UK

  • Sebastian Purbrick, Labour Party

  • Judith Squire, Heritage Party

Hoe Valley

  • Francis Anyaegbu, Labour Party

  • Martin Benstead, Conservative Party

  • Bryan Bonsundyo, Liberal Democrats

  • Samar Chaudhary, Labour Party

  • Will Forster, Liberal Democrats

  • John Lawrence, Conservative Party


  • Melisa Kuipers, Liberal Democrats

  • Christine Murphy, Green Party

  • Colin Scott, Conservative Party,

  • John Scott-Morgan, Labour Party

  • Emma Stephens-Ducros, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition


  • Saj Hussain, Conservative Party

  • John Pearce, Liberal Democrats

  • Dan Sampson, Labour Party

Mount Hermon

  • Ravern Dimitrii-Simone, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

  • Sunny John, Conservative Party

  • Mike Kelly, Labour Party

  • Ellen Nicholson, Liberal Democrats

  • Cecilia Scott, Green Party

  • Richard Squire, Heritage Party


  • Attia Aslam, Liberal Democrats

  • Steve Dorsett, Conservative Party

  • Sean O`Malley, Labour and Cooperative Party

St John's

  • Ben Maynard, Conservative Party

  • Simona Popa, Labour Party

  • Tim Read, Heritage Party

  • Dale Roberts, Liberal Democrats

Tandridge District Council

A boundary review means every seat on Tandridge District Council will be decided and 43 councillors returned to 18 wards.

Bletchingley and Nutfield

  • Linda Baharier, Labour Party

  • Graham Bailey, Heritage Party

  • Iain Carter, Conservative Party

  • Louise Case, Bletchingley and Nutfield Residents

  • Richard Fowler, Liberal Democrats

  • Liam Hammond, Conservative Party

  • Susan Hickson, Liberal Democrats

  • Emily Malkin, Green Party

  • Graham Powell, Labour Party

  • Martin Redman, Liberal Democrats

  • Barbara Wantling, Labour Party

  • Helena Windsor, Independent

Burstow, Horne and Outwood

  • Matthew Allen, Labour Party

  • Ashleigh Bolton, Horne and Outwood Residents

  • Stephen Case-Green, Labour Party

  • Sue Farr, Horne and Outwood Residents

  • Theo Harris, Conservative Party

  • Andrew McLean, Labour Party

  • Elliott McLean de Boer, Green Party

  • Richard Smith, Horne and Outwood Residents

  • Judy Wilkinson, Liberal Democrats


  • Rebecca Gower, Green Party

  • Neil Parker, Liberal Democrats

  • Lewis Sharp, Conservative Party

Tatsfield and Titsey

  • Martin Allen, Independent

  • Kenneth Budgen, Conservative Party

  • Sarah Stewart, Green Party

Dormansland and Felbridge

  • Richard Clarke, Labour Party

  • Emba Jones, Labour Party

  • Nigel Lea, Conservative Party

  • Roger Martin, Liberal Democrats

  • Judy Moore, Independent

  • David Nickols, Liberal Democrats

  • Nicola O'Riordan, Dormansland and Felbridge Residents

  • Becky Peterson, Green Party

  • Lesley Steeds, Conservative Party

  • Nicholas White, Dormansland and Felbridge Residents

  • Maureen Young, Conservative Party


  • Hoong-Wai Cheah, Conservative Party

  • Mike Crane, Godstone Residents

  • Chris Farr, Godstone Residents

  • Amy Hare, Labour Party

  • Oliver Watkins, Conservative Party

  • Colin White, Godstone Residents


  • Michael Casebourne, Conservative Party

  • Annette Evans, Liberal Democrats

  • Thomas Holloway, Labour Party

  • Robin Spencer, Liberal Democrats

  • Carron Walker, Labour Party

  • Mark Winsbury, Conservative Party


  • Claire Blackwell, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Ian Booth, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Robert Brewer, Conservative Party

  • Rupert McCann, Liberal Democrats

  • Bernice Milton, Conservative Party

Lingfield and Crowhurst

  • Anthony Beck, Conservative Party

  • Freyja Chapman, Labour Party

  • Julie Duggan, Lingfield and Crowhurst Residents

  • Paul Greenhalgh, Conservative Party

  • Ryan Howard, Labour Party

  • Peter Killick, Lingfield and Crowhurst Residents

  • Liz Lockwood, Independent

  • Joseph Pettitt, Labour Party

  • Alan Schmidt, Lingfield and Crowhurst Residents

  • Arman Shahjid, Conservative Party

  • Dave Wilkes, Liberal Democrats

Oxted North

  • Chris Bassett, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Janet Brealey, Conservative Party

  • Peter Damesick, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Christopher Dean, Heritage Party

  • Ian Giddings, Green Party

  • Laurence Hatchwell, Conservative Party

  • Matthew Hatchwell, Conservative Party

  • Louis Labrosse, Labour Party

  • Catherine Sayer, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Philip Son, Labour Party

Oxted South

  • Bryan Black, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Marjory Budgen, Conservative Party

  • Nicolas Cook, Conservative Party

  • Mark Dean, Labour Party

  • David Halliwell, Labour Party

  • Patricia Hunter, Labour Party

  • Chris Langton, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

  • Elizabeth Parker, Conservative Party

  • Deb Shiner, Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group

Portley and Queens Park

  • Susan Berns, Caterham Residents

  • Nick Bray, Labour Party

  • Michael Cooper, Conservative Party

  • Ben Horne, Liberal Democrats

  • Linda Jenkins, Conservative Party

  • Jane Lopez, Labour Party

  • Richard Mark, Conservative Party

  • Steven Willmott, Labour Party


  • Max Barry, Conservative Party

  • Jenny Gaffney, Liberal Democrats

  • Alun Jones, Liberal Democrats

  • Nicole Morrigan, Labour Party

  • Peter Roberts, Caterham Residents

  • Anne Watson, Labour Party

Warlingham East, Chelsham and Farleigh

  • Nathan Adams, Conservative Party

  • Perry Chotai, Liberal Democrats

  • Julian Cresswell, Labour Party

  • Marc Lamont, Conservative Party

  • Daniel Mann, Labour Party

  • Anna Patel, Liberal Democrats

  • Jeremy Pursehouse, Independent

  • Martin Strzebrakowski, Independent

  • Michael Whittington, Conservative Party

Warlingham West

  • Robin Bloore, Conservative Party

  • Steven Bracey, Labour Party

  • Martin Haley, Independent

  • Don Mackinlay, Liberal Democrats

  • Keith Prew, Conservative Party

  • Ed Ralph, Liberal Democrats

  • Andrew Waters, Labour Party


  • Adam Avery, Labour Party

  • Robin Clements, Labour Party

  • Charlie Kelly, Conservative Party

  • James Rujbally, Liberal Democrats

  • Ankita Sharma, Conservative Party

  • Sarah Sowambur, Liberal Democrats

  • Mike Steddy, Conservative Party

  • Roy Stewart, Labour Party


  • Deano Cline, Whyteleafe Residents Group

  • Dave Evans, Liberal Democrats

  • Joseph Eve, Conservative Party

  • Jeffrey Gray, Liberal Democrats

  • Jessica Hibberd, Green Party

  • Marcus Jones, Whyteleafe Residents Group

  • Rosa Knight, Labour Party

  • Harry Millar, Conservative Party

  • Annie Weller, Labour Party


  • Sakina Bradbury, Conservative Party

  • Nathan Manning, Labour Party

  • Nick Pomery, Liberal Democrats

  • Deborah Sherry, Independent