I Will Survive legend Gloria Gaynor reveals dating struggles: 'Men don't want to be friends...'

Gloria Gaynor is struggling to find love credit:Bang Showbiz
Gloria Gaynor is struggling to find love credit:Bang Showbiz

Gloria Gaynor is struggling to find romance.

The 80-year-old singer - who is best known for her classic disco track 'I Will Survive' - was initially married to her manager Linwood Simon from 1979 until 2005 but admitted that while she would "absolutely" be happy to start dating again, she cannot quite find the right man.

She told Closer US: "One less bell to answer and one less egg to fry'...don't sound like no sad song to me! But absolutely I would date. I love men. I grew up with five brothers, and I prefer male company. Unfortunately, men don't seem to really want to be friends. I do have a couple of gay friends, including Felipe Rose of the Village People."

The 'I Am What I Am' hitmaker - who spent the majority of her childhood in a single-parent household - went into therapy to deal with her breakup and eventually went back into education in her 60s to obtain a bachelor's degree in behavioral sciences and now hopes that she can use her education to help those who spend their youth in a similar sort of setup to her own.

She added: "Right after my divorce, I decided to go to a therapist because I didn't want to take any baggage into another relationship. It was wonderful learning from my therapist, who has since become a friend. I grew up without a father, and there is an organization that helps young absentee fathers learn how important it is to be involved in their children's lives whether they live with them or not. In 2024, I plan to work with them to be the voice of abandoned daughters.