Survivor 46: First 12 minutes of season premiere arrives early on TikTok

Survivor 46: First 12 minutes of season premiere arrives early on TikTok

CBS has released the first 12 minutes of Survivor 46 ahead of its two-hour premiere on Wednesday (28 February).

In three separate videos uploaded to TikTok, viewers are given a sneak peek at what they can expect from the season debut.

Beginning with a voice-over from 24-year-old contestant Tevin Davis, an actor from Richmond, Virginia, he says: “Survivor is 18 people coming together from all different walks of life.

“And they are here all together at one time having to trust each other, build a society, play challenges with each other with different strengths, different weaknesses and be able to trust one another while also not trusting anyone because you’re playing a game that is built on deceit.”

In between scenes showing some of this season’s extreme challenges, viewers are briefly introduced to each of the 18 castaways competing for the $1m (£794,000) prize.

“This group of strangers has agreed to be abandoned in the Fijian islands,” longtime Survivor host Jeff Probst adds in a separate voice-over. “They must learn to adapt or they’ll be voted out. In the end, only one will remain to claim the million-dollar prize.

“Who will have what it takes to out out-wit, out-play and outlast all the rest? This is Survivor 46,” Probst announces from a sandy beach.

After all of the contestants have arrived by boat – already separated into three tribes: Yanu (purple), Sega (green) and Nami (orange) – they all greet Probst with an enthusiastic cheer.

Immediately, he jumps into a pep talk, saying: “Right now, everything seems possible. You can all envision yourself at the end, you can all see your name on the parchment, crowning you the winner of Survivor 46.

“Because right now, it kind of feels like a blank slate, right? And you all right now believe you can win this game, but it’s simply not true. Right now, there’s at least one of you that cannot win, no matter who you go to the end with, it won’t matter. Something about your personality will not gel with this group, and you won’t get the votes. And the beautiful thing about the confidence of a Survivor player is right now, you all are nodding in agreement, and yet none of you think you’re the one who can’t win.

“It’s one of the reasons why Survivor is so fun to watch, but it should be the number one reason why each of you play this game on your terms because that blind optimism that you have right now, that specific point of view that you’re bringing into the game – this going to work or not work – but it is your single biggest weapon. I’m glad you’re all here, I wish you luck.”

Survivor 46 will debut with two, two-hour episodes airing on Wednesday 28 February and Wednesday 6 March, beginning at 8pm ET/PT on CBS. 90-minute episodes will air weekly after that.