Survivor to kick-start with endurance challenge that causes contestant dizziness

Reality series Survivor is set to begin on BBC One, and the new series will kick-start with an endurance challenge that leads to one competitor feeling dizzy.

Host of the series, comedian Joel Dommett, will welcome 18 castaways to the Dominican Republic as they get ready to play what is described as the “ultimate physical and psychological game”.

The contestants will be divided into two rival teams and live on remote beaches where they will build their own shelter and battle each against each other to receive rewards or immunity.

Joel Dommett and the cast of Survivor (BBC/Remarkable)

In the series’ first episode, Dommett will introduce competitors to the game, saying: “This is the most physically demanding and emotionally draining game on television.

“You are all going to be living on remote beaches, you’ll have to build your own shelters, face the elements with no creature comforts at all.

“And it will test, honestly, every single one of you. Are you ready for that?”

The tribes will be immediately pitted against each other for their first reward challenge, a clash to retrieve basic supplies.

The teams will also compete in their first immunity challenge, Dead Weight, a test of endurance where contestants have to hold onto two rings that are attached to elevated weights.

During the challenge, one of the competitors will admit to feeling dizzy before Dommett says: “This is where it really starts to pinch, your grip starts to go, it starts to become mind over matter.”

The losing tribe will have to face the Tribal Council, where they must vote off one of their own.

Survivor starts tonight at 8.25pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.