Susanna Reid And Joan Collins Wear The 'Same Dress' In Awkward Good Morning Britain Interview

Oops! We bet that Susanna Reid and Joans Collins wished they’d text eachother this morning to check what the other was wearing for Good Morning Britain earlier today, with the pair leaving co-host Piers Morgan tickled pink when they showed up donning incredibly similar floral dresses.

We mean, they both looked amazing so it wasn’t really that much of a big deal.

Both women were embracing the sunny weather in their white, floral dresses and when Joan walked onto the set for her interview Piers couldn’t help but admit that he was finding it “hilarious”.

Entertainment Editor Richard Arnold added that it was a “bit of a frock off” and everybody watching also had a fair amount to say on social media:

Thankfully Joan and Susanna saw the funny side and embraced the potentially awkward mishap, later posing for a photo that Piers posted to Twitter alongside the caption: “Glamour twins!”

Joan also tweeted out a photo, quipping: “Snap! @susannareid100 and I having a ‘Krystal and Alexis in the changing room’ moment on @GMB. Oops!”

We reckon they both looked fab.