Susanna Reid scolds Just Stop Oil protester for not doing research and cuts him off

Watch: Susanna Reid berates Just Stop Oil protester and cuts interview short

Susanna Reid lost her temper with a Just Stop Oil protester on Good Morning Britain and cut his interview short.

Sam Johnson, a construction worker and spokesperson for the environmental activist group, was a guest on the ITV breakfast show, claiming the media do not report the issues surrounding climate change, then confessed he had never watched the show.

Reid told him: "So you don’t have any idea what this programme does?

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"You have no idea who our meteorologist is, Laura Tobin, who’s one of the most outspoken people on climate change. Who’s written an entire book about what we each need to do as individuals on climate change.

Susanna Reid
Susanna Reid lost her temper with the environmental activist when he accused the media of not reporting on climate change. (ITV)

"And you have the audacity to come on here and say that we’re completely distracted, we’re not talking about the issues?"

As Johnson tried to interject she continued: "We talk about them [issues surrounding climate change] every single morning. You're not getting people on your side, including people who would naturally be sympathetic to your cause."

Good Morning Britain meteorologist Laura Tobin
GMB meteorologist Laura Tobin has published a book on ways the help ease climate change. (ITV)

Reid added: "I'm sorry, and I’m going to end it there. You’ve already said, you don’t watch, and you don’t care. Sam, thanks very much indeed."

Co-host Ed Balls suggested to Johnson that Just Stop Oil protest tactics – which include blocking busy motorways –- had become a distraction from the issues and made people "hate you".

Just Stop Oil activists blocking the road on Commercial Street in east London. Issue date: Sunday October 30, 2022.
Just Stop Oil activists blocking the road on Commercial Street in east London. (PA)

The activist claimed the media "only talk about the what, they don't talk about the why". This prompted Reid's outburst.

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Weather presenter Tobin published a book last year on climate change titled Everyday Ways To Save Our Planet.