Susanna Reid returns to 'Good Morning Britain' after two weeks in self-isolation

Susanna Reid has returned to 'Good Morning Britain' after self-isolating for 14 days. (ITV)
Susanna Reid has returned to Good Morning Britain after self-isolating for 14 days. (ITV)

Susanna Reid has returned to Good Morning Britain after two weeks in self-isolation.

The 49-year-old TV presenter last appeared on the ITV breakfast show on 16 March after one of her sons developed a cough on the same day the government told anyone with coronavirus symptoms in their household to self quarantine for 14 days.

Reid was welcomed back by co-host Piers Morgan and said: “Thank you.It was really bizarre wasn’t it?

“That was the day the prime minister changed the advice – the week before the lockdown. He said anybody whose household has somebody in it who shows either the persistent cough or the high temperature and I’m afraid you’re out for 14 days.

“And literally one of my sons comes home from school and is coughing and I thought, this is it.”

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The GMB host returned to a stripped back show – having to do her own hair and make-up and sit two metres away from co-presenter Morgan.

Since she went into self-isolation, the government announced the country was going into lockdown and only key workers should leave their homes to go to work. Key workers include journalists working in public service broadcasting.

Reid appeared via video link two weeks ago to explain her absence and has been homeschooling her two teenage sons. She has three sons – Finn, Jack and Sam – with ex-partner Dominic Cotton, from whom she separated in 2014.

She also admitted in her Daily Mail column she had stockpiled hair dye, confessing, “Even in an emergency, I’d do anything rather than go grey.”

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Meanwhile, Morgan has celebrated his 55th birthday in self-isolation.

He shared a picture of himself at home with a birthday cake and bottle of red wine on Monday night.

Morgan said: “My wife and daughter made me that cake.”

Morgan is married journalist Celia Walden, 44, and they have an eight-year-old daughter Elise. He has three more children from a previous marriage.