Suspect Remains on the Loose After Shooting Police Officers in Newark

At least two police officers were shot while serving a warrant in Newark, New Jersey, on Tuesday afternoon, November 1, local news reported.

According to the local news report, the suspect fled the scene and remains on the loose.

FBI Newark said it was assisting the local police with an active situation.

This footage shows authorities responding to the incident near Van Velsor Place and Chancellor Avenue. Credit: grodaddy_aka_dank_lucas_ via Storyful

Video transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] live out here in [INAUDIBLE]. Niggas have shot two cops. They got shit blocked off out here, son.

Police everywhere [INAUDIBLE]. We got the US Marshals. It's all police cars.

Fucking US Marshals out this shit, feds. Niggas just shots two cops out here, bodied them niggas. Fucking sheriff's, marshals nigga, feds, fucking police, sheriffs, state troopers. All these niggas is police pulling up.

Niggas got swats down there. This shit crazy out here right now, son. Y'all see this shit on the news.

Niggas done killed two cops out here in [INAUDIBLE]. [INAUDIBLE] this shit nutty. This shit all blocked off. Everything blocked off.

Right behind my house. This niggas plugging out here, son. This shit is different.

That's a fact, cuz. This shit crazy. This shit going to be on the news.

You hear all the choppers and shit. These niggas is up. These niggas is out here, Son.

This shit nutty. Niggas still pulling up. Five niggas banging out with the police, my nigga.

They must got a couple of niggas held up in that crib down there. They got everybody out this shit.


- Niggas is bugging. This shit is nutty out here, son. Some wild cops.

That shit hella nutty. Cops on Connecticut and shit. All type of shit out here, son.

- They be riding around. I be seeing that car a lot.


- Oh, yeah. I don't care.

- [INAUDIBLE] what he say?


- So it had to have been the cop house because [INAUDIBLE] there smoking [INAUDIBLE], he said, you know I'm the officer of the law. [INAUDIBLE] and this was last year.

And I was like I'm just standing by myself. I'm minding my business. I ain't with nobody. And I ain't fucking with nobody.

- Yeah, this shit is roped off.

- [INAUDIBLE] don't let me catch you down here like that again.

- [INAUDIBLE] two cops [INAUDIBLE]. This shit hella nutty out here. Man, this nigga [INAUDIBLE] son.

They got shit roped off, my guy. This niggas is [INAUDIBLE]. They go hard for theirs, nigga, two of them niggas.

There's an ambulance down there, scoop them niggas up. [INAUDIBLE] this shit nutty. Yeah, that's a fact, [INAUDIBLE].

Crazy times, my brother. Niggas don't give a fuck. Five niggas ran down on the police on some other shit. Two of them niggas up. Got this whole shit roped off.


- Fucking around out here in this city. This shit be nutty. Let me get a good shot of these niggas. This shit got roped off.

They got SWAT trucks and [INAUDIBLE]. They got news all out with this shit. And see the tape? Niggas taped off.

All right, [INAUDIBLE] Niggas is stretched out in the street, nigga. Word. The shit is bananas.

All right, yo, I'm out of here, man. Let me give y'all a glimpse of the crazy shit happening out here in the city.