Suspects Set Themselves on Fire During Arson Attack on Immigration Services Business in California

Two suspects targeting an immigration services business in an arson attack in California on January 2 ended up fleeing the scene in flames as they set themselves on fire.

The incident was recorded by the Ring camera of an immigration services business in Bakersfield, and shows two men dressed in black pouring an accelerant around the front of the property.

One of the individuals then ignites the fuel, but in doing so sets himself and the other man on fire. The two suspects are then seen fleeing the scene.

Yesenia Solorzano, who works with the business, told Storyful that one of the suspects dropped his phone during the incident. She said there was a break-in at the business the following day, which she suspected involved the same people. Another cell phone was dropped during that incident, she said.

“Now the firefighters have two phones belonging to them,” she said.

Solorzano said she was waiting to hear back from police.

Bakersfield Now reported that the flames were put out about 10 minutes after first responders arrived. Credit: Yesenia Solorzano via Storyful

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